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prenuptial agreement

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posted Monday, 12 August 2013

We've entered the dull phase of an already dull week. Andy didn't use the POV, so Jessie and Spencer are secured on the block, and Jessie's almost sure to go because that's what Amanda wants.

Amanda has decided that Jessie should go this week, Spencer next, then Helen, then GM and finally Elissa. The newly formed "3AM" alliance of McCramanda and Aaryn/Andy have already declared themselves the final 4. They do allow that they may have to switch up their order of evictions depending on who wins HOH each week, but they have pre-ordained the ultimate outcome.

I believe the McCramanda BB wedding is planned for this evening, but if it goes anything like the bachelor/bachelorette parties, it will be postponed a few times, or possibly canceled. The whole thing is a violation of one of myBBPOV's rules, specifically "play your own game." The Brenchel trashbag wedding was an original, and trying to recreate it, or worse yet, top it is just silly.

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