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5 stages of grief for judd

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posted Sunday, 11 August 2013

I wasn't even going to post an entry today because there's nothing of note happening on the feeds. Jessie did approach Andy with a proposal to backdoor Amanda, but he's so closely tied to McCramanda that all that accomplished was securing Jessie's spot as Actual Target. She still thinks it's Spencer, but it's her.

Of course the Sunday show rarely has anything of particular note. The recap of the Candice/GM fight, especially with the bits we missed, was entertaining. But when they started in on the reliving of the DE, all I could think was "thanks BB for reminding me that the one HG worth rooting for got unceremoniously booted on Thursday."

I, and I think a lot of BB fans, were so shocked when Judd got kicked that we went quickly into denial. We've been there for a while, but the recaps on the show sent us right into anger. Watching all the people who voted Judd out crying, literally crying, over his leaving was just infuriating.

And now I think we're deeply entrenched in the bargaining phase of the grief process. "It will all be okay because Julie said the jurors weren't out of the game." A lot of people are thinking we'll have a chance to vote someone back in. While watching the show tonight I really felt like we were in fact being set up to bring Judd back. They maybe could have made him look more sympathetic, but I'm not sure how.

And there we'll stay, bargaining away, until we know one way or another what the next twist is. If it turns out there's no resurrecting Judd, we'll head into depression, and eventually acceptance.

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