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andy holding the pov

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posted Saturday, 10 August 2013

The #AndyHoldingThings twitter meme (© @idolknights) is absolutely one of the most fun aspects of BB15. Andy is always holding something. But be warned before you start looking for it. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Anyway, we had a very late start to the veto comp today. I started to wonder if it was going to be the Zingbot comp and they were waiting for the temperature to drop to avoid a repeat of last year when ZB passed out from the heat. On the other hand, I think production might be afraid to zing this group of HGs. They're highly zing-able, but there's also such a high level of sensitivity surrounding BB this year that even things said in jest could set off a firestorm.

And when they emerged from behind the trivia, there was Andy holding the POV. The comp was the hold/fold style. They've been expecting it for a while and there had been some strategy discussions, but it sounds like not a lot of them followed the plans. Besides Andy and nominees Jessie/Spencer, the picked players were Elissa, Helen and Amanda.

I'm expecting at least some pressure from Amanda for Andy to use the veto and put up Helen, and some from Helen to use it and put up McCrae (who she thinks is a bigger threat than Amanda). But I don't see him doing either because he's in such a great spot right now he wouldn't want to make those kind of waves.

Andy and Aaryn have made a pair-bond to counter the power couples of McCramanda and Helissa. They've also made an official deal with McAm. Andy, of course has a deal with Hel-El, and Aaryn a separate deal with Helen (with a side of tolerance from Elissa). So AA is in many ways in the best spot. They're already talking about who is the better option to boot this week, Jessie or Spencer.

Jessie seemed to be Andy's #1 target, but now he's talking about how dangerous Spencer is. Andy's starting to notice that Spencer is also in good with pretty much everyone, keeps getting the pawn spot, and that he could easily slide far in the game. Aaryn also pointed out that Jessie is incredibly easy to read when she's lying, generally upfront about her intentions, and even though she does change her mind every 6 seconds at least you know where she stands. Spencer on the other hand has convincingly lied several times, and no one can figure out where he really stands.

In any case, the week's not a done deal just yet. Andy's trying to get to Thursday with both Jessie and Spencer thinking they're perfectly safe so that whichever one stays won't be mad at him next week. That's a fine strategy for good standing in the BB house, but not so much for good standing in the jury house. If Andy doesn't figure out what's best for him, and pick a side, he's going to be doing everyone else's dirty work, and just end up holding the bag.

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