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mung beans

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posted Friday, 9 August 2013

Andy decided pretty much right off the bat to nominate Jessie and Spencer, with Jessie as the target. If Jess wins POV, GM will go up in her place and become the target. Jessie and GM are the only people in the house that Andy isn't super-tight with, so this is the only move that makes sense for him personally.

Naturally McCramanda want Helen to go and Helen wants one of McCramanda to go, but Andy's telling each of them it's too soon. Both sides are also working on pulling in Spencer and Aaryn. What's funny is that Andy's in a better position with both Spencer and Aaryn that either Helen or Amanda, so he keeps playing all ends against the middle.

CBS finally put to use the week old food vote, and brought out mung beans and mackerel for Have Notties, Aaryn, GM, Jessie and Elissa. Apparently Andy got to "pick" the HNs, though they're all saying it was all volunteer. Everyone's had a turn now. Helen even gave Aaryn slop cooking lessons, and advice on cold shower tactics.

It's been a pretty quiet and predictable day. Unless the Helen vs. Amanda warfare escalates a bit, and becomes more visible, it's probably going to be like that all week.

Lines of the Day

Helen (about McCramanda): They will be the reason we don't win in the end.
Helen: If I were HOH, that's what I'd do (nominated Amanda/McCrae). >pause< Please don't tell them that.
Spencer (to Andy): I want to be with you. I want to play with you.
Andy (to Spencer): People are going to think you're disposable. I mean, in like a GOOD way.
Andy: What the fuck is a mung bean?
Aaryn: I don't know, but it doesn't look like anything I want a part of.
Andy (to Spencer): You're safer this week than you've ever been. Out of the 93 weeks you've been a pawn....

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