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posted Thursday, 8 August 2013

... everything can change.

This afternoon Judd and Jessie got into a bit of a fight. She was upset because he had told her to STFU when she was earlier upset that he was making fun of sounds she makes when sleeping. Helen got involved and basically made things worse, which was probably her plan. Judd's determination to get Jessie out was only increased, and Helen started planting seeds that Judd had to go asap.

We come into the liveshow and get the unsurprising news that the MVP twist is D-U-N, done (©BB9 Natalie), and the slightly surprising (to the HGs) news that everyone left is going to jury, or the end. All the plotting to get people based on jury was pointless. Candice gets up to give her "save me" speech, and it's quite a doozy. GM becomes, I think, the first HG to ever yell back at at a save me speech and Julie has to try to shush them both. This is the kind of thing that leads to not-live liveshows. Spencer ironically thanks his employer for supporting him, meanwhile they've been distancing themselves as much as they can from him. Amanda said something too. Candice goes out on a unanimous vote, and to a really inappropriate comment from GM.

Then it's out to play HOH and Aaryn wins. I think a bunch of them were trying to throw the comp for various reasons. Unsurprisingly, Aaryn noms Jessie and Spencer. Then they trot out to pound nails for POV and Aaryn wins again. I was so sure she wouldn't use the veto that I'd already started updating my power status page.

But then Aaryn pulls out an actual shocking move and vetoes Jessie and throws Judd on the block. This was all at the bidding of Helen and Amanda, and once it was done J-U-D-D was D-U-N, done. Without even a sympathy vote, he walks on the 2nd unanimous boot of the night.

It's been hard to find someone to root for this season. Even the more likeable ones aren't that outstanding. Layer on the huge volume of distasteful comments and I got to the point of "I hate you all" (©BB2/7 Will) more quickly than ever. But there's a certain peace to not caring. I'm always going to keep watching because that's what I do, and it's a lot less stressful if I honestly don't care who wins or who goes. I've finally answered my own question in my tag line--why would I watch if I didn't care? Because it's fun in an entirely different way.

They went off behind the trivia and came back with Andy holding the HOH key. All the puppetmasters think they have a puppet in the top spot. I really have no idea what Andy's going to do. He's been playing all sides for so long, it's impossible to tell what's sincere. He'll probably pull the "you're a pawn" routine with whomever he puts up whether they are or not.

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