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ring of truce

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posted Tuesday, 3 September 2013

We've had a shocking turn of events. Seriously. First, some background. McCrae and Elissa had a long talk about whom would win in F2 over whom, and what a potential double-eviction (which McCrae has correctly guessed is coming on Thursday) would bring. Elissa is quite worried about the DE. McCrae then went to Amanda and suggested that she make a pitch for Elissa's vote in return for protecting her during the DE.

Amanda made said pitch, including saying that Elissa could pin her flipped vote on Judd. Elissa didn't seem to be going for it, and straight after checked in with Andy, asking if he was still voting out Amanda (McCramanda are sure they have his vote). Andy said he absolutely was voting against her.

Then a little later Elissa, seemingly out of the blue went to Amanda and said she wanted to save her. Amanda was thrilled, pulled Andy in and they shared the good news. After Amanda left, Andy asked Elissa if she was serious. She said yes and he pretended to be on board. But Andy immediately ran back to the Exterminators and told them what Elissa was up to. This led GM to show more of her horrid racist colors, making completely out of bounds comments about Elissa's son and husband. Judd and Andy also threw out plenty of nasty comments about Elissa (though they both told GM to cut out the family comments). Spencer, remarkably, was the calmest of the lot. He's a tad worried, but pretty confident about the solidity of the Exterms.

A lot of people out here wondered if Elissa was for real, or just trying to out Andy's double-dealing. Even Andy suspected this, saying that maybe she was planning to flip back to Spencer, make it a tie and call Andy a rat. For what it's worth, this is exactly Andy's plan in regards to Elissa. He's still going to vote out Amanda, but with the full knowledge and consent of the Exterms after the eviction he plans to scream about Elissa's betrayal.

Today, Elissa handed over her wedding/engagement rings to Amanda as collateral for this deal. Amanda also gave Elissa a pair of gold earrings as collateral for the DE protection. Amanda carefully inspected the ring and declared it a legit diamond, and she doesn't believe for a second that Elissa would give up her rings if she weren't sincere (nor do I). Andy's already planting seeds with McCramanda about Elissa's insanity, and saying if the vote is a tie, it's clearly her that broke the deal, despite the ring exchange.

I really don't know what's going to happen. I don't see Andy flipping back to McCramanda, I don't see GM flipping on the Exterms and breaking the tie to keep Amanda (especially since Amanda's not bothering to push for this) and I certainly don't see Judd flipping. But then again 24 hours ago, I didn't see this coming.

There's been a theory floating around out here for a while that production has the fix in for Amanda to win the game. And of course there has been lots of talk about Elissa-favoritism and that she gets hints from DR. This latest development was seen as further evidence of both. If the former is true, then who knows if they can pull some magic and get another vote for Amanda. Either way, I think we're going to see some major fireworks on Thursday.

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