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a new BB record

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posted Monday, 2 September 2013

McCrae vetoed himself and Spencer was nominated for a record 7th time in a single season. Nothing else happened today. Seriously. Last night, after GM confirmed that she was not repl-nom'ing Elissa, Amanda had a mini-meltdown, and admitted that she's been controlling everything. She basically said everything that everyone already knows, but at least she admitted it. The one thing she didn't do was out RatBoy Andy, though she almost did at one point.

There's a bit of hope for campaign drama. Amanda's sure she has McCrae and thinks she has her pet rat, but she's also pretty sure she doesn't have Elissa or Judd and that GM wouldn't break a tie in her favor. I expect Andy to tell her at the last minute that he tried but there was no hope, so he's voting with the HOH/house. But I also fully expect Amanda to go after votes from Judd and/or Elissa, as well as a tie-breaker from GM. It's extremely unlikely to work, but it could be fun to watch.

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