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lost: 1 pet rat

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posted Wednesday, 4 September 2013

There's not much going on in the house today. Of course, the last time I said that things changed a few hours later. Andy is still solidly TeamExterminateAmanda, and she's likely to walk tomorrow with Elissa's wedding rings. From a simple human perspective, I really hope production takes custody of the rings and makes sure they get back to Elissa. Amanda will eventually see that Elissa voted for her to stay, but I'd be concerned what she'd do out of her initial anger when she gets booted. There have been some seeds of doubt about Andy discussed between McCrae and Amanda, but I'm still guessing he's going to get away with things at least long enough to get through the DE. Unless Elissa wins HOH #1, I'm guessing she'll be the second casualty of the night.

Judd's been pretty pissed at production since yesterday, and the theory from many out here is that he's being pressured to keep Amanda. I doubt he'll do it, and to be fair, he shouldn't. The only vote that could make an argument for flipping is Andy, and he won't. The only reason for Andy to keep Amanda is loyalty to his earlier alliance. But it's not best for his personal game. If any of the Exterminators want to have a chance of winning they really do need to get out McCrae/Amanda/Elissa.

Something could always change, but I wouldn't expect it. For now, we're just going to rest up for the Double Eviction Extravaganza. And leave with your....

Daily Dose of Elissercise

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