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double, double, we're in trouble

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posted Thursday, 5 September 2013

Unsurprisingly, BB had plenty of misdirection fodder to make the TVOVs wonder if Amanda was going or not. Equally unsurprisingly, it was a 2-2 vote and GM told Amanda to "get to steppin". Amanda bounced out apparently not believing that Andy was the rat, but then she got to see the goodbye messages, and learned the truth. Amanda didn't get slammed as hard as Aaryn in her exit interview, plus she actually admitted wrongdoing.

Back in the house, it was out to play HOH, and a frantic hunt for dog bones in a comp in the style of Jeff's Infamous Clown Shoe. McCrae came up with 2 bones, and the HOH key. He apparently also believed Elissa was the flipper, and popped her and GM up on the block. The POV was a maze like Ian's shark from last year's DE, but Elissa wasn't able to repeat the desperately needed win. Judd came up with the veto, and stayed loyal to the ETs, not using the veto and sealing Elissa's fate.

Elissa went out to the first audience cheers we've heard in a while, and with the apparent misapprehension the McCrae had flipped the vote. The good news for Elissa, is she'll get the truth and her wedding rings from Amanda in jury house, plus she doesn't have to live with the nastiness remaining in the BB house.

And back inside it is super nasty. They're all talking about how glad they are that Elissa's gone and now they can use whatever foul language they want. GM packed up Elissa's stuff, complaining about how much she had, and looking enviously at the labels.

With McCrae unable to play for HOH, we're guaranteed an ET win. I'm personally rooting for Judd, as the least offensive of the lot. I'm also rooting for McCrae to get the POV, which is the only way one of the nasties goes home.

We're getting a "special" eviction next Wednesday, which if history is any indication, will happen Tuesday and mean no feeds for a day and a half. I really don't think anyone will care this time around.

As always, I'm here to the bitter end, no matter how bitter it's going to be. We'll end with special parting shots for Amanda's ass and Elissa's abs.

Late breaking update: They went off to play the 2nd HOH about an hour before BBAD time. When BBAD started the comp was still ongoing which led to nearly an hour of amusement watching Andy, who had been eliminated already, wander around the house alone. At one point McCrae came in to use the potty and w got a few seconds of chatting, with no real information except that production was all over them to not talk about whatever was going on. BBAD also spent some time in the fishtank, which was much more pleasant than listening to the ETs talk shit. Judd was eliminated next from the HOH comp, and then we shortly see Spencer with the key.

I have no particular interest in seeing Spencer's HOH room, other than to maybe find out whether or not this "Marilyn" he keeps talking about is a blow-up doll or not, so I'm done for the night. I expect noms will be McCrae and GM (since she nom'ed him twice as a pawn, he'll return the favor).

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