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payback, bitch

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posted Friday, 6 September 2013

As I predicted, Spencer selected McCrae and GM as nominees, and his reasoning to GM for being the "pawn" was that she had nom'ed him twice. She tried to beg for a reprieve, saying that she'd only ever made him a replacement and asking for the same consideration. He was prepared for this and said that they needed McCrae to believe that there was a boys' alliance and GM was the really target. Spencer and Andy also promised her that she'll stay even if McCrae wins POV and Judd goes up. Earlier, Andy and Spencer had talked about keeping Judd vs GM if the veto is used. They both worry about Judd in F4 if McCrae is still around, but they also both worry about beating GM in the end.

At one point today, Andy explained to Spencer that he'd figured out that Amanda's parting words to him were actually meant to help him. He correctly guessed that she believed he was not the flipper, and that she also hadn't figured out how close he was to everyone else, so she'd blamed the flipping on him to take him off the radar. McCrae would have been in on this, which explains why he was so quick to nominate Elissa. And why even now he thinks Andy is loyal to him. Though I do think he has always known how close Andy and Spencer are.

Basically everyone is playing all sides and covering all their bases. The ETs are together of course, and I think just about every pairing of all 5 of them have an F2 deal, though some are admittedly fake. And though the "boys alliance" is a cover for now, it could become real depending on how things go.

A small amount of entertainment was provided today by punishments passed out after the HOH comp. GM and McCrae are linked together for 24 hours with "friendship bracelets" and a rope, and Judd has to do drill sergeant led calisthenics every time a whistle sounds. Andy had a chance to win up to $5K in some comp-type thing that happened behind trivia. Whatever it was, he says he only got $94.

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