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the first cut is the deepest

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posted Saturday, 7 September 2013

McCrae won the veto and an Exterminator will be cut. Unfortunately the one must likely to go is the least offensive, Judd. On the plus side, as they keep cutting the best HGs, I can care less and less, and retain even more of my sanity.

The comp was the flying on wires and assembling a puzzle, and they were decked out in superhero tights for the occasion. It sounds like Judd was so far behind that he eventually just stopped trying and was helping others. Or so he says. We'll have to wait until the show to find out if it was real help or not--and at that point no one will care. Also, Ian was there to host the comp. This led to lots of discussion about how they're perceived. All Ian said to them was that he thought Jessie was hot, but a few of them felt like he was rooting for McCrae over the other 4. Which could start some anti-Exterminator sentiment inside the group.

There were also a few injuries in the comp. Mostly minor scratches, but GM tore up her knee nicely and ended up needing stitches. Her buddy the medic couldn't take care of her this time, so they got an actual doctor to make a BB housecall. She's clearly in pain, and a little worried. The irony is that the more beat up she gets, the more the boys want to keep her around, because they're confident they can beat her in comps. [She reported after surgery that she got 9 stitches, almost vomited, and nearly passed out and required oxygen.]

It's a little hard to say exactly what's going to happen because everyone is still playing all sides, so they're definitely lying to some. But it's looking most like J-U-double D is D-U-N, done. Andy seems set on wanting him out, again. Just like the first time, Andy sees Judd as a big challenge in jury votes. Spencer seemed maybe to waffling, but I think he's realized that he needs to stick with Andy. He may also have realized that GM's his best chance to actually win the big prize. McCrae, Andy or Judd would beat him hands down. I actually figure GM would beat him too, but Spencer may not see it that way. McCrae has promised both Judd and GM that he'll vote for them to stay. Andy and Spencer have told McCrae that they want Judd to go, and McCrae's been agreeing with them. I think if he's smart he'll go ahead and vote out GM, forcing Spencer to break the tie. This way Judd goes to jury knowing that both Spencer and Andy shanked him, and if McCrae does make it to the end he'd have a better shot at Judd's jury vote.

We're really in the home stretch now. It's been a rough season, and many fans are saying they just can't watch anymore. I'm always going to keep watching; as I say I'm here for BB, not for any particular HG. I hung on until the end of BB9, and I'll do it again this year. But I might not get out a daily blog, especially with the upcoming nothingness of feedblocks and completely predictable actions.

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