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the truth is out there

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posted Sunday, 8 September 2013

Whether it was accurate or not, the show made it seem like McCrae has slightly more of a clue than it might seem. He did realize that Andy was the rat, but consciously decided to not let on to that and send Elissa packing. He's also realized that there's a group alliance, even if he doesn't realize that it includes everyone but him. His only hope of making it to the end is to win his way there, and rack up jury votes along the way. I still say his best move this week is to vote opposite of whichever way Andy goes and force Spencer to break the tie.

From listening to McCrae talk in the house, he's saying he'd rather keep Judd, but he'll go along with whatever Spandy wants. But according to his DRs tonight, he thinks GM would be easier to beat in the end than Judd would be. I'm not so sure about that. GM's building quite a resume, and a few of the ladies in the jury house actually do like her.

That's all for now, and possibly until Wednesday.

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