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expect the worst

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posted Monday, 9 September 2013 least you won't be disappointed.

Despite a bizarre last minute effort by Spandy to get McCrae to use the POV on GinaMarie, based on some crazy promise that they'd keep him and evict Judd, McCrae vetoed himself, Judd went up, and is likely going out tomorrow. I'm not sure why McCrae was even supposed to buy this crazy plan. If they just want to evict Judd, they can do that anyway. I suppose the idea was for him to earn some points from GM, but he could logically earn the same points simply by keeping her.

I'm still hoping McCrae will vote out GM, forcing Spencer to break the tie. It's better for McCrae's game in jury votes and really doesn't hurt him in the house. He's become suspicious that there's an alliance that he's not a part of, and maybe if Spandy tell Judd he's hitting the glass bricks out to Julie, he'll spill all to McCrae. That is the current plan--to tell Judd at the last minute tomorrow. For now they're saying they're keeping him, though he clearly, and understandably, has some trust issues with them.

Apparently Judd went off on McCrae in some form during the POV meeting. Judd had warned McCrae yesterday that he was loyal to him no matter what he says publicly. To everyone else McCrae is saying he's upset about what Judd said, but that may well be staged. On the other hand, he might be planning to just go with the flow and do whatever Spandy wants hoping they'll have some loyalty to him over GM. Yet another reason I hope Judd outs the ETs before he goes.

But I'm not counting on it. I'm expecting the worst, not even hoping for the best, and just riding out BB15 to the bitter end. The HGs were finally clued in today that there's an eviction tomorrow, and they figured out the finale is next Wednesday. Andy's said repeatedly that if Elissa wins the $25K Favorite HG prize he will kill himself, leading to quite a #VoteElissa movement out here.

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