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rumour has it

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posted Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Despite CBS' ridiculous insistence on blocking feeds and having stunt audiences for the not-live eviction, rumours escaped into the wild last night and all the crazy livefeeders heard that Judd was evicted 2-0, that he told Julie he was rooting for GM, and that his support of Spencer/Andy was "reverse psychology" to encourage McCrae and GM to keep Spandy as far from F2 as possible. We also heard that he said Elissa was impossible to work with because she was always changing her mind, and that Judd laughed at Andy's goodbye message saying he'd never known a guy to cry so much. Then we heard that Andy won HOH in a Before-or-After comp that came down to a 3-way tiebreaker question of how many seconds the SuperVeto comp had lasted, and that the answer was eight-hundred and something.

It was all true. And now here we sit, waiting for the feeds to return so that we can find out who Andy nom'ed and more importantly, if they've played POV yet, and, if so, who won. I'm going to guess that McCrae and GM were popped back on the block. Update: I was wrong. Feeds came back on and a shot of the memory wall showed us GM's key in place, so Spencer and McCrae were the initial noms. The veto is hanging on its little hook, so someone's won it....awaiting news on who that might be.

Voting has opened for America's Favorite HG. I fully expect Elissa to win, and I'm fine with that, in large part because it will royally piss off the vast majority of the horrid HGs, and force Andy to back off yet another promise (the one to kill himself if Elissa wins). Personally, I voted for Judd. And as always, I endorse voting for whomever you enjoyed the most. Or even more than most years, I endorse voting online only, and not giving any of your hard earned dollars to CBS.

In other news, they got the mini table.

Forty five minutes after the feeds returned, they seem to be very deliberately not talking about POV. I'm starting to think production told them not to give anything away. With that, I say "FU CBS, I'm out."

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