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posted Thursday, 12 September 2013

It did finally come out last night that Andy had won the POV. It turns out they weren't under orders to keep quiet, they're just annoying. Of course this meant McCrae's fate was sealed. He had a tiny bit of hope, but then this afternoon they all sat down and Andy gleefully outed the whole ET deal. GM giggled, Spencer preened, and basically all three of them went on and on about how brilliant their alliance was. There was a bit of history-rewriting, though not as much as their could have been. Andy did give Judd the credit for actually bringing them together.

McCrae was just kicking himself over kicking Elissa, and not getting the details out of Judd. He kept saying he knew something was off, and he did throw a bit of a wet blanket on some of the self-congratulatory nonsense by saying he'd known a lot of the individual things, even if he hadn't put the whole 4 person alliance deal together.

I'm not even going to talk about the show, outside of the jury house segment, which was the only bit worth watch. Aaryn's apology seemed really scripted to me, and I wonder if she didn't get some coaching from producers and/or the shrinks they have the HGs debrief with after getting booted. At least she said it, which is more than can be said for the nasties still in the house. Amanda and Elissa's arrivals were great; a lot of truth is coming out in the jury house. And Judd joining the ladies was cute too. Keeping it Real with Candice just topped off the night.

Back in the house, McCrae was bounced, with lots of jury vote pandering from all of the Final 3. On his way out McCrae gave a number of shoutouts to feed sites and tweeters, which was fantastic. I believe that was a first on the CBS show. Anything that raises the profile of the livefeeders is good in my book. Because CBS still treats us like crap.

It would seem that we're not getting a final HOH endurance comp. this year. I had noted yesterday that Julie said Part 1 of the Final HOH would be played out on Sunday's show, and though I sort of wanted to believe that just meant the results, I didn't really believe it. She usually says the Final HOH will start on one show and specifically says tune in for the results. This was different, so I honestly wasn't surprised when the show ended with no comp starting. It's now a good hour after the show and we still have no feeds. I'm expecting nothing until BBAD.

Apparently they're bringing Dr. Will in to "grill the jury." As much as I'm a Will fan, I really don't care for this trend of bring in ex-HGs to comment on the show, and I'm really not interested in seeing him pick on the jurors. If he's going to torment anyone, I'd rather see him go after the F3. They think the fact that they're sitting in house proves they're better players than the evicted, but they truly did just float to the end.

BB's been doing little to nothing for me for most of the season, and it just keeps getting worse. This F3 is the worst ever. At this point I'm rooting for anyone but Spencer. I think of the 3 Andy's played the best game, and he's probably going to win. There's also a part of me that wouldn't mind seeing GM win, and become the first woman to beat a man in F2. And though I'm not an advocate of the "needs the money" philosophy, GM has always needed it, and does even more now that she's lost her job and will be haunted by the things she said when she goes to get another one. On the other hand, she said them, and deserves to be haunted. But so did Aaryn, and her family has already hired a PR firm to repair her image.

The feeds finally came back on a bit after 9 BBT, and they were rollerskating around a rink holding on to a handle. There were some cone obstacles, and BB threw in their usual "weather" effects, fog, water, foam, etc. The comp honestly didn't look that hard to me. But not surprisingly, Spencer fell after mere minutes. Instead of keeping his skates on the ground and just letting the spinning handle wheel him, he was "stepping" and quickly lost his footing and couldn't hold on. Andy and GM were both skating, and each lost footing a few times, but easily held on to the handle, so it looked like it might go a while. But then Andy screamed something about his knee and moments later he had fallen. Glitter rained down on GM and she took Part 1 of the Final HOH.

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