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crapshoot: shoot! crap!

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posted Thursday, 25 July 2013

There was a last minute scramble in the house by Elissa to keep Kaitlin, but it naturally came to nothing. I thought it was possible that Elissa or Candice might throw a vote against Aaryn just because they hate her so much, but all in all I wasn't at all surprised Kaitlin was unanimously kicked.

Then they toddled out to play HOH, which was a slight variation on the practice last night. It was a true crapshoot comp, rolling balls into a roulette wheel. Aaryn landed in the highest possible slot, and the best anyone after that could do was tie her. Elissa nearly accomplished that, but crapshot herself into the zero slot. My first thought was 'well, gee, it's a good thing they voted out that huge threat to win HOH, Kaitlin.'

With Elissa not able to play POV this week she's an easy target, and Aaryn seemed initially to have her sights set right on that target. Helen helped out by throwing under that fabled bus by letting Aaryn know that their deal (where Helen gets to pick Aaryn's noms) had been outed to Candice, probably by Elissa. Helen then backed up the bus for another run, saying that if Aaryn wanted Elissa out this week, they'd go for it.

Meanwhile Candice was telling Howard that Helen had told her all about the deal. It turns out that actually Jessie told her first, and then Helen just confirmed it, but in any case, Elissa had nothing to do with it. Amanda, who has such hate for Howard that it's become funny, then went to Aaryn and told her she should put up Howard and Spencer to get one of them out. She acknowledged that Elissa's totally after Aaryn, but made the argument (quite convincingly if you ask me) that Howard/Spencer are also targeting Aaryn. The difference, Amanda argued, is that Elissa would nom Aaryn against GM or someone that Aaryn would stay over, but Howard/Spencer would put her up against Amanda, Helen or McCrae, and Aaryn would go. It's totally self-serving on Amanda's part, but it's also our best chance for an interesting week.

Speaking of potential drama, Julie let us know that America is once again the MVP. With Aaryn out of the running from the get go this time, it will be interesting to see who goes up. Personally, I'm hoping it's Helen. Or maybe Andy.

Oh, and Jessie's still there.


Lines of the Show

Julie: You chose overwhelmingly to put up Aaryn as the third nominee.
Judd: I have a lot of voices in my head. It can be really confusing being HOH.
Elissa: My opinion is Aaryn, all day, every day.
me: But you never think about her, right?
Helen: Elissa, why are you creating drama? That is not the way to win Big Brother.
me: Maybe, maybe not. But it's fun for us.
Julie: After you clean it [Judd's bear shirt], maybe I'll wear it next week.
GM: I have a big heart, and a bad accent.
Kaitlin: This game turns some people into bad eggs. But what can you do?
Jeff: I always kept my word and I was the worst.

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