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mud slinging

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posted Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Just a quick entry today because we're resting up for a full night tomorrow. Things are oddly settled in the house. It's a pretty sure thing that Kaitlin's going to be meeting Julie tomorrow. The chaos that ensued after Elissa lit a fire under Kaitlin last night was entertaining, but didn't change anything. Well, except that they all think Elissa's bat-shit crazy now. After telling Kaitlin that she was being targeted as a "big threat" because she was in an alliance with Howard/Spencer/GM/Judd, and hinting that Aaryn was spreading this news, she then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening acting surprised that there was discussion of Kaitlin being in an alliance with Howard/Spencer/GM/Judd, and that Kait thought Aaryn was spreading this news.

The editing on the show was, uh, interesting. They managed to put as much focus on the correct MVP theory as the wacky Elissa-nom'ed-herself theory, which was in reality much more popular. The comp itself was a mud-slingy mess, and apparently none of the HGs drew a connection between the election motif and the idea that America voted for the nominee this week. I think they showed every single time Judd hit the snooze button, completely skipping over the endless beeping, which was as annoying as anything. Pulling out every single mean-girl thing that Elissa said to Amanda was fair enough, but at the same time they left out Elissa's breakdown about America hating her, which I think was bothering her as much as anything.

That's all for now. The HGs are already on lockdown, but it seems they were told they'd be let out tonight. If true, we're looking for a practicable comp. If not true, we could be looking at endurance. If I'm right about jury starting next week, endurance is even more likely. It's also a good time for Elissa to win HOH with not being able to play POV, and suddenly having the entire house against her. That's often how these things go.

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