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i've got a theory

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posted Tuesday, 23 July 2013

So things continued to roll on in the BB house. GM came out of hiding, seeming to have finally grasped the concept that she's not going home this week. Lucky Duckie seems to have spawned a bunch of ducklings, which may be a reference to the royal birth, a hint for a future comp, or just an amusing diversion.

Elissa had a minor meltdown following a conversation with McCrae and Andy. Elissa had been complaining about being offended by Howard and GM swearing on the Bible, and Howard generally "using religion." She was talking about how her own religious beliefs were so important to her and she can't believe anyone would use such things for strategy. Andy tried to shush her a bit because GM was within earshot, and McCrae starting laughing at Andy's expression. Elissa took it as them making fun of her and declared them disrespectful and stormed into the house. McCrae and Andy had a brief WTF? moment, then went and tried to apologize/explain. Elissa would have none of it, basically not listening to a word they were saying and just continued to be offended. She then spent the next few hours complaining to anyone who would listen.

There continues to be a strong movement towards keeping Aaryn this week. The general consensus in the house is that Kaitlin is a stronger competitor and a lot more capable of making friends/alliances. There's also the factor that quite a number of them have made super-secret-frenemy alliances of their own with Aaryn. And to Aaryn's credit, I don't believe she has outed a single one of these deals. This has led to a few rather humorous moments of needless save-Aaryn campaigning.

Which brings me to my theory. A lot of people thought that the whole America is the MVP twist was a ploy to get Aaryn up-and-out this week. Problem with that theory is that while the twist could get her nominated, it had no way of getting her evicted. However, once she was on the block, there's always the old standby of DR manipulation. But if there's been any DR interference this week, it's obviously been in Aaryn's favor. And it occurs to me that BB may actually not want her kicked just yet. Aaryn's behavior has absolutely brought a lot of bad press this season, and there have been calls to remove her from the show. If she does well, or especially if she wins, the controversy will live on. The problem with evicting her now is that she would be released into the wild and all the post-show publicity that is absolutely going to hit her will happen while the show is still going on. That moves the story outside of the CBS broadcast, and definitely counters the adage that no publicity is bad publicity. On the other hand, if she is evicted after jury starts she gets tucked safely away for several weeks and the press doesn't get to talk to her until after the finale.

Which brings me to another theory I've had for a while. I actually have a fairly low degree of confidence in this theory, but I'm going to say it now, so if I turn out to be right it's out there. Ever since they announced the 3 nominee format, I've been wondering of they were going to do a Survivor-style 3 finalists/9 jurors season. If so, the jury starts with the next eviction.

In a late breaking development, Elissa has gone and told Kaitlin that there's a movement afoot to boot her this week. Elissa said that Aaryn is spreading a rumor through the house that Kaitlin is working with Spencer/Howard and people are planning to kick her because of this. Kaitlin goes and confronts Aaryn about this, and Aaryn runs to Helen. Helen's now running through the house trying to figure out how her master plan went awry. It's always possible that this will unflip the flip...and in the process blow all my conspiracy theories out of the water.

Lines of the Day

Judd (about the BBQ comp): I would've been bringing him [Nick] to People's Court to decide who would have been HOH.
Judd (about Elissa): She needs to get over being so damn sensitive, this is the BB house.
{Judd wants to search Howard's stuff to try to figure out if he has a power like the Diamond POV or something.}
McCrae: I don't know that you can look through people's stuff.
Judd: Yeah you can! I went through Jeremy's.
Elissa: They would have done the voting [for MVP] after they saw who was up for eviction, for sure.
me: Uh, no
McCrae: "If I was a psychologist, I would not let a mental patient into the Big Brother house"
Elissa: I'm going to talk to production and tell them I want to leave. I shouldn't be subjected to such disrespectful and defamatory treatment.
Elissa: I don't care what these people think.
me: Sure, that's why you've been talking about it for the past 2 hours.

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