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posted Monday, 22 July 2013

There was no need for any last minute scheming, so they scampered off behind the trivia and when they emerged it was GinaMarie up on the block in Elissa's place. Many of the HGs still think Elissa is MVP and this is all part of a plan to ensure that Aaryn goes home. If that were the case, it would be both super-risky and super-genius. Neither of those qualities scream Elissa, but we know how hamster brains work, so....

A few have figured out what really happened, and of course Elissa knows she's didn't nominate herself, so she had a little meltdown wondering why America hates her. A number of them tried to reassure her that the bulk of the hater votes went to Aaryn, and she just came in second. Jessie pointed out that no one is universally loved, and having some haters just means you're being noticed (if she was paying attention to what Rachel went through, Elissa ought to get this more any of them). Judd told her that people who voted for her to go up probably just wanted to shake up the game.

GM is, of course, completely safe, but she was a great person to go on the block because her delusional little hamster brain doesn't get this. She threw a bit of a hissy fit, alternating between being furious she was being targeted because she's a "strong competitor" and talking about how if she gets evicted, that's fine because she'd get to go home to Nick. Also after briefly coming out of mourning, she's back in her Nick tribute-wear. (She's also taken to her bed, so I haven't even caught a screencap of her yet.)

Now that the third nominee has been determined, there's quite a bit of vote talk going on. Early on it was supposed to be an all about Aaryn-out week, but some of them have been talking a lot about how Kaitlin's a much stronger competitor, bigger threat, etc. Of course they're completely right, but I really want Aaryn gone. I'm tired of BB15 being all about the stupid things she's said, and if they don't get her out soon, she could end up getting dragged all the way the end under the "anyone can beat her" theory.

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