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to thine own self be true

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posted Friday, 26 July 2013

Aaryn's HOH letter was from her sister and it didn't escape Aaryn's notice that sis told her in several different ways to be good. With that, the questions from the DR, and the times people have tried to talk to her, it's maybe sinking in just a little that she's said some inappropriate things. I still don't think she gets quite how outrageous some of her behavior is, but that's a difficult thing for anyone to understand.

The problem is that most people who hold prejudiced views don't set out with the idea that they're going to be racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or whatever. Everyone has good and bad qualities. In BB just about everyone says something during the course of their stay in the house that offends someone, sometimes perhaps unfairly, but most of the time quite legitimately. And even the worst offenders have some redeeming points as well. But this season a few people's comments have brought down so much publicity on our bizarre little world that it's become dangerous to say anything.

Anyway, trying to get back to the game, Aaryn made some nominations, but it's hard to call them her own. She's letting people like Helen and McCramanda flat out tell her what to do. So Howard and Spencer went up on the block. Amanda in particular really wants Howard out, so at the moment he's The Target. Ironically if this was coming directly from Aaryn it would keep the racism story front and center. But conveniently the show already covered the "Helen gets to picks the noms" deal, so I expect that to be included on Sunday's show. Normally the show glosses over backseat-HOHs, but in this case it's perhaps in their best interests to keep the controversy to a dull roar.

But for as much as Howard is some people's target, there's an equal amount of anti-Spencer sentiment running around. He's another one who has made some tremendously outrageous comments, and in his case the HGs are giving him as much bad press as the real world is. And a lot depends on that infamous third nominee. It's really hard to guess who that will be this week, but we will know soon enough.

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