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posted Saturday, 27 July 2013

Amanda was revealed as the MVP nom, and this sent the HGs into a frenzy of being convinced that Howard is MVP this week and was last week as well. The level of certainty is quite equal to what it was that Elissa had MVP last week, but no one seems to remember that and realize that they could be just as wrong this time. A few of them continue to mention the possibility that we're voting, but they keep dismissing it because they can't accept that viewers might vote to nom people like Elissa, GM and Amanda. At one point Judd says that it couldn't be America both weeks because we would have picked the same people. To which I respond, a.) not necessarily and b.) Aaryn might have "won" again if she weren't HOH.

Candice and Jessie were the picked players for POV, and the anti-Howard group was in panic mode at the thought that Candice could win and save Howard, and they'd have to find another repl-nom. (GM was mentioned as potential pawn.) There was a little drama about what would happen if Jessie won. Amanda wanted Jessie's assurance that she'd save Amanda, but without knowing who the MVP repl-nom would be that could be considered risky.

But it all turned out not to matter anyway, because the feeds come back and Spencer is wearing the POV. The repl-nom scramble is in progress. Candice has already been to Helen to ask her to have Aaryn put up someone else. Helen told McCramanda and Aaryn that she was going to tell Candice that she tried but Aaryn wouldn't go for it. Aaryn has been lamenting the fact that she's going to end up nominating both Howard and Candice and that's just going to fuel the racism debate.

Meanwhile Howard is trying to get Candice to remain calm, but she's really not so inclined. She's already started talking to a few people about kicking Amanda this week. It is early, and a flip is always possible, but that would be a pretty major shift. And just in case we didn't have enough fodder for conspiracy theories, just before BBAD time the feeds all went black/no signal. Sad thing is, we kind of don't care.

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