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dude, this is frickin' lame

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posted Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm pretty sure that never before has the Line of the Season gone to the first evicted HG, but David gets it this year for the comment on tonight's memory lane episode. It was also the closing line on the best bit of the show, with everyone crying in the DR. I was sitting here thinking 'this is ridiculous, I have only cried that hard when someone died,' when David's line saved the moment.

In the house, there's little new to report. All three of them are pretty much attached at the hips, preventing any real game talk. In the moments that they do pair off, we did get a F2 deal between GM and Andy. I'm not sure how legit it is. I think either of them would be nuts to not take Spencer, but Andy may be starting to think that he's better off against GM. And GM may just be nuts.

Andy's logic could be that Spencer has no enemies and that his surviving 8 times on the block could score him points. Andy may also think he has Spencer's jury vote, even if Andy's the one to boot him, but if he kicks GM, she'll surely vote for Spencer. I have no idea what logic GM could come up with to go with Andy, but she's not one to make promises she has no intent on keeping.

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