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posted Saturday, 14 September 2013

At the moment it would seem that BB15 is going to go down as the worst season in Big Brother history. And it's because of the reality of it, not the game. It wasn't that it was boring, or that there was too much DR interference, or the comps were unfair, or the houseguests had bad strategy, or the showmances were disgusting, or any of the other many reasons one could dislike a season of BB. Though any of those things may be true. But what really killed BB15 was that more so than usual, many of the HGs were simply not nice people. There was racism, homophobia, misogyny, jokes about pedophilia, and just about every form of nasty comment and personal attack one can imagine. Just about everyone engaged in some form of the nastiness, and though some were worse than others, it really was hard to find anyone worth rooting for. When complaints were made, part of the response from CBS was that this is what some people are really like. Unfortunately, that's true.

And tonight news of a more terrible reality reached the BB fan community. BB12/14 Britney's baby daughter Tilly has been diagnosed with cancer. It's a reminder that no matter how bad things seem in the context of the game of BB, there are tragic things going on in the world every day. And we truly do pray for Tilly, Britney, and everyone in any family dealing with such a thing.

This also comes at a time when we are about to send our HGs out into the harsh reality of the world. As I mentioned the other day, I'm legitimately concerned for GinaMarie. She's going to come out and find that Nick is not in love with her, that people found many of her comments unforgivable, and she has lost her job. Many of the others are also going to find a lot of unpleasantness out here. Spencer may well end up being questioned by law enforcement over his child porn comments. And as unpleasant as I have found him on BB, I still wouldn't wish for anything seriously bad to happen to him. In fact, I wish the same thing for all of them that I wish for every human being on the planet: health, happiness, and peace. If there is hate in their heart, I pray for them to overcome it.

Back to the game. As I type this we are awaiting the result of Final HOH, Part 2. Listening to the talk between the different pairings, it seems a sure thing that if GM wins part 3, she will take Spencer to the end because she's convinced she can't beat Andy. She's saying she thinks she and Spencer have an a equal shot. He tells her he agrees with her, and I think if he thinks about it carefully, he knows that's true. So if he wins parts 2 and 3, I think he'd be better of with her. But he's made the same promise to Andy and Andy to him. I do think if Andy wins parts 2/3 he will take Spencer to the end.

Feeds just came back -- Andy won part 2, so it will be him vs. GM on Wednesday. I truly believes this guarantees Spencer second place.

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