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posted Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It kind of seems like they've given up on gameplay for the week. Andy's fairly comfortable he's staying and doesn't want to blow that, and Aaryn seems resigned to leaving. However, Tuesday night-Wednesday is when the DR often lights a fire under the down-and-out nom and gets them kicking. I expect to seem some sort of campaign effort from Aaryn, though it likely won't change anything. As I've been saying for a while, I don't think the producers want Aaryn anywhere near the money, so they're probably fine with the status quo, save needing some misdirection fodder for the show.

In other news, McCrae has been working on Andy and Spencer to approach Judd about a "boys alliance" (because it went so well the first time around). Of course Andy and Spencer are already in an alliance with Judd to go against McCramanda, and this is really just McCrae covering his base with Judd (he even admits to A/S it's just to keep Judd close and try to get him to put up Amanda vs. GM or Elissa) so it likely won't go anywhere at all.

In shocking news, McCrae showered and Amanda went on a cleaning spree. She cleaned up the sty that was their bedroom, and did a ton of laundry, including the bedsheets. I'm assuming Judd had already washed the nasty sheets from his bed a few days ago, but if not, I really hope Amanda got them as well. In other cleanup news, GM did some major maintenance on her hair extensions, with a helping hand from Aaryn.

[Warning: the next paragraph contains a potential spoiler about the upcoming season of Survivor.]

A conversation between Elissa and Judd this morning about BB12 turned into Elissa saying Hayden made it to "at least final 4, I think" Survivor and Kat (from Survivor One World, and Hayden's girlfriend) "got out early." The BB twitterverse exploded in hypocritical anger at Elissa and others who reported what she said and Kat herself tweeted "don't believe that."

It's kind of funny that an online community that's all about spoilers and spying got so upset about the whole thing. A few people did make the point that they may not mind BB "spoilers" in the form of livefeed updates, but they don't necessarily want Survivor spoiled. I would point out that all anyone out here did was report what Elissa said and no one even knows if it's true. I'll also note that I personally had never watched Survivor until Ian got me hooked on it by talking about it non-stop last season. I've since gone back and watched a lot of old seasons, often knowing who won, and it never ruined it for me.

Also, Elissa's Survivor comment is seriously the most exciting thing that's happened all day.

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