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it's 3AM, time to call an exterminator

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posted Monday, 26 August 2013

Last night, after everyone was pretty clear that Andy was going to be the repl-nom, Judd/Spencer/Andy/GM got together and formed the newest BB15 alliance, The Exterminators. Their first targets are Amanda/McCrae, then Elissa. They're planning to use Elissa to go after McCramanda, but they'll cut her in a heartbeat if needed.

GM confused everyone out here last night by making equally convincing statements to Andy and Aaryn that she was keeping them. I think she actually would have kept Aaryn if that had been an option. But given the choice between Andy and Aaryn, it seems McCramanda are going to shank Aaryn, so GM's vote doesn't matter in the end anyway.

Sure enough, Andy went up today, and there were more nasty fights, low blows, etc. I don't like it when they get personal, so I've been staying away from most of it. There was one humorous moment when Andy fell in the pool. Nothing like Jerry's dip, but pretty amusing all the same. I have a feeling it's going to be a long few days until the eviction, with hardcore campaigning from all quarters, about this vote, and even more so about next week.

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