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there is a line, and it's been crossed

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posted Sunday, 25 August 2013

I had hoped that the latest turn of events in the house would make things interesting. But to me what's interesting is when the game is being played, not when people are personally attacking each other and that's what ended up happening.

Amanda's having a really hard time dealing with an HOH of whom she is not in complete control, so she has decided to try to drive Elissa around the bend. She's talked about her family, her husband and even her children. Amanda has also decided to "pull an Evel Dick" and has been going around blowing noise makers and screaming at Elissa. Elissa retaliated by talking about Amanda's pregnancy, and implying that she had an abortion (Amanda says she miscarried). I think they're both wrong to take the personal attack route, but I have a little less sympathy for Amanda because after all she didn't have to tell anyone about the pregnancy and miscarriage but she's talked about it quite openly several times.

As far as the game, it is pretty much guaranteed that Amanda will veto McCrae tomorrow. Elissa seems pretty firm on making Andy the replacement, and it sounds like just about everyone will vote Aaryn out, though a number of them are trying to make Elissa think they'll vote out Andy and somehow con her into putting up GM. Judd actually trusts Andy, and did try for a bit this morning to get GM put up, but Elissa wasn't having any of it.

That's it for today. Hopefully once the repl-nom is decided things will get back to pure game and the real nastiness can abate. If not, it's going to be a rough week.

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