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BB kinda sucks this year....but we're still watching...ZIIIIING!!!

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posted Wednesday, 28 August 2013

So here we are once again on the eve of an eviction, and I barely care. Of course it seems that the HGs are right there with me. As far as I can tell, other than flirting with Judd, Aaryn has done next to no campaigning, and Andy's super-confident he's staying. It seems like the Exterminators are a real thing and 3AM is being wound back 2 hours to 1AM. I'd be surprised if anything came up overnight, but stranger things have happened.

BB gave them toys from the kiddie aisle, which usually doesn't happen until around final 4. But since the only form of recreation this year seems to be making outrageously offensive statements, the producers might have decided Jenga was safer. We got some new lows last night as Spencer started talking about conspiracy theory Internet-documentaries and how convincing they could be. He didn't say her personally bought into them, but talked about watching them. It turned out gullible GM had seen many of the same videos, and believes 9/11 was a political conspiracy, Sandy Hook was a hoax, and the Aurora shootings were a setup by gun control advocates to "make their point." On the other hand, she believes that aliens really do walk among us, and the government is in on it. She would know. Actually, it seems she just believes everything she sees on the Internet. Which is going to go really poorly for her when she gets out of the house and sees what's been said about her.

The HGs did make a go at playing beer pong last night, but it wasn't a classic BB-BP event. Amanda screamed orders, insisting on everyone following HER RULES, and then kept trying to change them to her advantage. She also kept trying to use glass mugs, which got her lots of "stop that"s from BB as they didn't want to deal with the bloodshed when they got broken.

Zingbot showed up for the veto comp on the show tonight, but his Zings were not up to his usual standards. This cast is highly zing-able, but maybe a bit too highly. The show can't really go for the jugular without showing favoritism, and/or revealing too much about what's been going on outside the house and how the HGs are perceived by the fans. The portrayal of Amanda's "bullying" was also a bit odd. The feeds got trivia for a lot of it, which is a first for a non-comp/show-prep event. They also made it look like Elissa handled it a lot better than she really did. The two main points of interest for me from the show were seeing Andy's DR clarifying which side he has picked (for now anyway; things will change if McCramanda wins HOH), and Amanda's interesting performance at the veto meeting. I was so distracted by wondering why she dressed up as a hooker that I couldn't even process the banter.

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