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when aaryn met julie

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posted Thursday, 29 August 2013

There was lots of filler on tonight's eviction show. Plenty of misdirection fodder making it seem that Aaryn actually had a shot at staying, but she blew that by being in a dress when the rest of them were clearly ready for a physical comp. Then they trotted out Dan to tell us what he thinks of this season, and awkwardly stumble around his post-show relationships with the HGs he shanked so bad last year. And finally a check-in with showmances turned real world romances. Then we had awkward Q & A time with Julie and the HGs. Spencer jabbed about not getting a question sooner, Amanda awkwardly tried to justify her bullying and referenced things that CBS hadn't bother to show, Elissa stumbled through trying to be gracious when she really wanted to say that Amanda was a giant bitch.

We rounded out the awkwardness with nonsensical nominee speeches from both Andy and Aaryn, and Aaryn was sent packing on a unanimous vote. Then the real fun began. I was expected very little since Julie's been warning us for weeks that she couldn't give evicted HGs any "news or feedback from the outside world." But instead, we got a mixed response from the audience, a smattering of clapping with some actual boos mixed in. And Julie's questions were direct and to the point. She asked Aaryn about the things she said, and was prepared with examples to back up the generalizations. Aaryn managed to offend new groups (Texans and southerners in general) with her defense, and claimed she didn't remember saying any of those things. She may well not remember--which is just further proof that the sentiment comes from inside her, not an attempt to be a controversial character. She got more snickers and boos from the audience when she claimed that she and Candice were actually close friends. She also said she loved and adored Helen, which is true, but will not be remembered. [My only caveat is that I couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't another stunt audience, told to boo/laugh. I'm not saying it was, but after what BB pulled with the wildly positive stunt audience for Howard's eviction, I don't trust them.

They toddle out to play HOH and it's a bunny-hop/move eggs through chicken wire race to get 12 eggs in the basket. Anyone in last place at the end gets stuck in a chicken suit. The whole thing was blocked from the feeds, and when they came back GM had the HOH key. Judd and Spencer are slated to get chickened.

Despite Amanda taking up residence in GM's butt and explaining to her that she MUST nominate Elissa and Judd, GM is pretty firmly committed to putting up McCramanda. She's giving Amanda lots of false hope, but she's confirmed to the Exterminators, Elissa and the livefeeders that she's putting up the Super Couple. I strongly suspect that the "special comp" that Julie mentioned will be an extra veto, like last year's Golden Ball. If it is, I really hope Elissa or Judd gets it, but of course I'm afraid McCramanda will get it.

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