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whose game is it anyway?

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posted Friday, 30 August 2013

GM held her HOH meetings, and managed to keep her big extermination plan quiet. She let Amanda and McCrae believe that she was going to nominate Elissa, and that she was entertaining their suggestion of Judd as the second nom. They knew she was wavering on Judd and believed that Spencer was her next choice. They also totally believe that Andy is still on the AM-Team.

So when they came back from trivialand, the fireworks were flying with McCramanda on the block. McCrae's been pretty quiet and sulky, but Amanda stomped around and screamed at pretty much everyone. She was absolutely flabbergasted that GM would make such a move, and spared nothing in telling her how dumb it was. GM held her ground firmly and explained that she had to split up the one obvious pair in the house. She also completely owned her own nominations. When Amanda accused her of doing Elissa's dirty work, GM not only strongly (and truthfully) denied it, she did nothing to throw her alliance under that fabled bus.

Amanda also screamed at GM that if Spencer or Andy won the veto they'd save McCrae or Amanda, and GM would end up having to repl-nom Elissa or Judd after all. Judd came back with the line of the day, "So you own the game? The rest of us should just back our bags and go home?"

Andy continues to play both sides, commiserating with Amanda, even as he was well aware of the plan to destroy her showmance. As has become a frequent occurrence, Andy got himself in a bit of trouble when Elissa overheard him talking with Amanda. He tried to cover with Elissa by telling her later that he was only agreeing with what Amanda said in order to keep her calm, but Elissa was having none of it. She told him she was just worried that she couldn't trust him, and that if he really wanted Amanda to calm down, he should just tell her to, you know, calm down.

In other news, the "special comp" turned out to be a pure luxury comp, popping balloons in search of some kind of token to win $10K. Chicken Spencer ended up the winner. The whole house was a mess of balloon detritus afterwards. I'm just glad there wasn't a veto ball or some other power involved.

So, now it's all about the veto. If McCrae or Amanda wins it, I just hope that Judd convinces GM to put up perpetual pawn Spencer instead of non-Exterminator Elissa. With Andy so freaked out about Elissa, and half of McCramanda trying to save the other half, Elissa could end up going home, at which point we'd be back to McCramanda running the game.

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