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posted Friday, 30 August 2013

After her initial blow-up last night, Amanda kind of calmed down, and just told McCrae that he doesn't need to worry, that she'd be the one kicked this week. Little did she know that the Exterminators are actually targeting McCrae. But after playing the veto, it turned out that Amanda's prophecy will come true: McCrae is safe with the POV.

There was some talk amongst the Exterminators to try to get McCrae to use it on Amanda, promising him he'd stay too, but that's unlikely to go anywhere. I think Judd really does want Amanda to go, Amanda doesn't wan McCrae to save her and leave himself at risk, and McCrae's not that big an idiot.

GM's pretty committed to not nom'ing Elissa as the repl-nom, since Elissa didn't nom her last week in the same situation, and she doesn't want to put up Judd because she knows that's what Amanda wants and doesn't want to risk it. So it's between Perpetual Pawn Spencer and RatBoy Andy. Andy freaks out at the mere suggestion he go up, and Spencer has said he's okay with it, as long as he has the word of everyone that they'll vote to keep him. Even if it somehow came down to a tie, GM would break it in his favor. So that's what's likely to happen.

I do expect some crazy campaigning from McCramanda both before and after repl-noms, so it could turn out to be a fun week. But in the end, I expect the home that they've made in the corner of the front bedroom to be quite thoroughly wrecked.

In other news, they've confirmed that GM's toe is fractured/broken. It's nicely taped up, but it could definitely hold her back in some of the physical comps likely to come up in the end stages of the game. Or maybe not.

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