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posted Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Amanda's been a lot of fun to have on the block because she's never even considered visiting that lovely vacation spot of Below the Radar. She started out her time on the block in the position of being completely safe. Nearly everyone agreed that Howard was target #1 (and making him said target has been Amanda's pet project for weeks now) and if he happened to come off the block Spencer could go home. Then Spencer wins POV, so Target #1 is still in play, and Candice goes up as the repl-nom. Candice is so frickin' annoying that there was a bit of a danger that she could flip the vote against her, and because of that, Howard was going around actually telling people to vote him out. So, Amanda was super-safe.

But does she relax? Of course not. Now, I wouldn't actually suggest just taking on faith that you're staying, but all she needed to do was carefully check in with people, remind them what a big threat Howard is, and how loyal she is to them. But does she do that? Of course not. Instead she starts in on an anti-Judd campaign. The only thing I can figure here is that now that she's on the cusp of getting rid of Howard, the space in her brain that's been devoted to targeting him was empty and she filled it with the next biggest threat to her personal game, Judd. It is actually working pretty well, though she was running the risk of Judd realizing she was after him and causing him to do exactly what she was accusing him of: flipping the votes to keep Howard and kick her.

But today everything got turned right back into how it was at the beginning of the week. Though it did happen in a sort of odd way. Amanda confronted Spencer about trying to keep Howard and targeting her, and things got very heated. Spence ended up saying he wanted Candice to go, which got back to Candice and set her on a course to call a house meeting. Candice went off on a rant that made her look completely nuts, and then Howard chimed in saying they should vote him out. And Spencer just sat there and generally looked like a douche.

After all the drama, Judd and Andy went to Spencer and told him that there was no way they could keep Howard now, and Spencer said he understood. For a couple days Judd/Andy have been saying they'd vote out Amanda, but agreeing between themselves that they'd kick Howard.

So everyone's back/still on board with kicking Howard, and Spencer and Candice are the public targets for next week. But like Aaryn before them, they might end up coasting through with Helen and Amanda both on an anti-Judd kick. It really all depends on who wins HOH. Which they are speculating will be endurance. But they speculate thusly every week.

Oh, and the best part of the house meeting? In the middle of it, Elissa spontaneously broke into yoga moves.

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