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mvp: the latest theory

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posted Monday, 29 July 2013

As expected, Spencer vetoed himself, and Candice went up as the repl-nom. Howard's been doing some odd campaigning, trying to get certain people to vote out Amanda, and if they won't agree to that, asking them to kick him instead of Candice. I'm not sure if this is some sort of warped reverse psychology, or if he actually thinks Candice is a target. Fact is, at the end of the day, they will likely say they're taking him up on option two, which is actually their option one. Candice herself is in the depths of despair and like GM last week had disappeared under a mound of blankets ever since getting put on the block. I imagine she'll emerge at some point tonight in time to stir up a bit of drama, which has become a specialty of hers.

In other news, Amanda has come to the brilliant conclusion that Judd is the MVP. She's decided it's clearly not Howard because putting her up when he was on the block himself was not a good move. She's accepted that it's not Elissa, and can't fathom the idea that it's America, because of course we must all love her.

Judd is actually playing a really good game, so having a reason to target him is good news for people like Helen and Andy. Helen in particular has been working hard over the last day or so to set up Judd as a Big Target. She's doing this not by going after him directly, but instead by trying to create trouble for the person she has correctly identified as one of his top minions, Jessie. Helen's primary tactic for sending Jessie 'round the bend is to try to make her jealous by spreading stories about a Judd/Aaryn showmance starting up.

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