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plan C

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posted Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Plan C, as in Confusion.

At first I thought it was me. It's been a busy week for me at my "real job" and I haven't paid as much attention to the feeds as usual. And when I do tune in, I often get disgusted with what's going on and end up turning away. Or I find them in the midst of some house meeting where people seem to be rambling aimlessly, making absolutely no sense to me. I was thinking if I'd been paying more attention I'd know what they were talking about.

But after seeing tonight's show, I guess it's not just me. The HGs are confused, the TVOVs are confused. And based on tweets I was seeing during the show, the livefeeders are also confused, but we were all too embarrassed to admit it...or figured it was just us.

The latest eviction drama in the house surrounds the fact that Aaryn would really like to get Candice out. There actually are enough people inclined to vote Candice out that it could probably happen, perhaps with a tie-breaker, but perhaps even without one, but the Powers-That-Be (i.e. Helen and McCramanda) have them all so spun around that it's unlikely to work out.

The smart thing for Aaryn to do would actually be to rally the votes to get Amanda out. By saving Howard and Candice she could have 2 people coming off the block indebted to her, and by booting Amanda against Helen's wishes would take her down a notch or two. McCrae would probably come out of losing his "queen" as gracefully as he slid out of the MC debacle. He'd be pissed for a minute, but he'd probably end up going with the stance that it's better for his game anyway to have her gone. But again, McCrAmanHel have such control right now, that's not going to happen.

In other news, the anti-Judd (and by association, Jessie) sentiment continues to run rampant in the house. This is again coming from McCrAmanHel, but they've infected just about everyone else. This is particularly annoying to me since Judd is one of the few HGs who doesn't make me cringe at this point. But everything could flip around tomorrow depending on who wins HOH.

So, I think it's still Howard hopping out to meet Julie tomorrow, but I could be wrong. And I'm so over this week, that I'm certainly not going to bother trying to sort out the confusion at this point. It will all become clear as soon as the votes are cast. It is looking good for endurance tomorrow, as they've been on lockdown since early this morning. And that's a great way to start a new week.

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