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the company they keep

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posted Monday, 08 July 2013

As expected, Jeremy vetoed himself, and Elissa put up Nick as the replacement. There was a bit of a last minute push by a couple of them to flop back to Kaitlin, but nothing came of it. Besides, I have a feeling Elissa had to let the DR know last night who she "would" nom if Jeremy came down, since the MVP is supposed to stay anonymous.

Helen is definitely on to the Moving Company in concept, and from some of the things she's said I think she's getting broad hints in the DR. They can't come right out and tell a HG anything, but they can certainly ask leading questions like 'is it possible that there's an all male secret alliance, like the Brigade?' Or even something less on the nose could clue Helen in, since she's already on the right track. The problem is that she's still not sure who's in the alliance, and has too much confidence in a few people she shouldn't.

By the same token the MC knows exactly where they stand and they have so much influence over their side-alliances that it's pretty much a sure thing that they'll keep Nick safe this week. As I said yesterday, unless an MC member strays, it only takes two additional votes to kickElissa. At this point I think the best we can hope for is that her eviction will out the MC and keep the game somewhat interesting by giving the rest of the house a shot.

In the outside world, Julie and the ladies of the Talk discussed the offensive comments, and the story really hit the big time with a New York Times article. It's getting discussed out here, but it's not helping in there. The comments continue to be egregious, I continue to wonder where in the world they found these train-wrecks.

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