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it's so over

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posted Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I have to admit, my heart really hasn't been in it this season. I've been going through the motions, watching the feeds, screencapping, and even blogging, but I had no passion for it this year. I'm not sure if it was the unpleasantness of the season, the fact that it was so long and started so early, or that I've been doing this for too long. Or maybe just that I'm getting older. Or a combination of all of the above. No matter what though, I did keep watching, not because I had to, but because I did want to. Bottom line, I'm a die-hard BB fan/livefeeder.

Anyway, Andy got super-tipsy last night and was a little bit funny, and a little bit offensive, to really cap off the season. Andy and GM reconfirmed their F2 deal, and I was really starting to buy it. The livefeeds wrapped up this morning, the HG were told they were going off and they gave us a staged "farewell" saying they hope we'd enjoyed watching them. Their whole demeanor just reinforced how out of touch they are.

A good bit of the show was a waste of time for livefeeders, covering stuff we've know since forever ago with parts 1 and 2 of the Final HOH. And they left out all the really good stuff, like how short the "endurance" comp was and Andy's freak-out search for the Candice-crab. Part 3 had a crazy new elaborate set with scales moving them through the air. I was expecting Calamity GM to tumble off and break her neck. I've been waiting all season for her to be the first ever BB medical evacuation. But she survived, Andy won part 3, and surprised me slightly by kicking Spencer. Apparently he made a night 1 deal with GM. I also think he knew he could out-talk her in the jury Q&A and final speech.

Dr. Will came out and "moderated" the jury deliberations, which I think this jury needed. I'm not sure if any of what he said actually influenced how people voted in the end, but there's a good chance that it did. He had a few funny (likely scripted) lines, and with the rumours of next year being another AllStars I can't help wonder why he's suddenly gotten over his attitude of being so over BB.

Jury questions were kind of funny, just because GM is so totally clueless. Amanda asked what was GM's best move other than getting Amanda out, and GM answered "getting Amanda out." Amanda was about to let it go (I'm sure they were told not to engage and hold up the liveshow) but did mutter something and GM followed up with "I know it's other than getting you out, but it was the best move to get you out." Which just proved that she doesn't understand what they phrase "other than" means. And then Helen asked what was the biggest obstacle for GM in the game, and she said Nick leaving. Which I think was because she didn't know what obstacle meant, but what would a conversation with GM be without a Nick mention?

Andy actually did make a decent pitch, explaining his floating strategy, and also claiming a loyalty point in staying true to this one "secret" deal he'd made so early on. I honestly think he pulled that one out his ass at the last minute. I mean, sure it's true, but he made a Final 2 deal with everyone so he could have said that no matter whom he was sitting next to, including if it had been Spencer. But against my prediction, Spencer voted for Andy anyway (which I half think is because he's such a misogynist he wouldn't have voted for a woman no matter what). Also, Amanda and Elissa both went non-personal and blew my jury prediction.

So Andy wins in 7-2. In the end I do think he played the better game. In the end, a comment Nick made during the backyard interviews was the bottom line of the gameplay of the season: it was a season of lots of alliances, and no allegiances. People were making and breaking alliances left and right, and there was no real loyalty to anyone. And Andy played perfectly for that scenario. He was in nearly every alliance, and always managed not to be the target of the moment.

The show wrapped up with Julie telling us that the top 3 contenders for favorite HG were Judd, Elissa and Howard. Elissa won. Color me shocked. I'm glad they told us who else was in the running, because as far as I'm concerned Elissa was a ringer. Even though she gets the money, the other two really won over the viewers totally on their own merits.

I sat through the BY interviews with Jeff, but it was really kind of a waste of time. The first 5 have had so much time to think and be coached, they were nice and articulate. The jurors were not quite as smooth, but still somewhat rehearsed. The final 3 had clearly been debriefed and were careful in what they said. And to top it all off, the questions from Jeff were super-softballs. And let's be honest, Jeff is not the right person to be asking anyone about their prejudices or inappropriate comments. When the Final 3 finally made it out, it was clear they'd been told some of what they were in for. Spencer and GM both gave a well-rehearsed "I apologize if I offended anyone." Andy said that he was sorry things had been said but nothing like that ever came out of his mouth, just showing that he really doesn't get it. Just because you never threw out a racial slur doesn't mean that you didn't say some horrifically offensive things.

Regardless, it's over. I always end my finale coverage congratulating the winners and saying good show. Some years I've meant the "good show" more than others, but this is the first year that I can't bring myself to say it. It was a show, and it had some value. There were entertaining moments, there was drama and there was gameplay, all of which is what I look for from BB. But there was also plenty of unpleasantness that is not what I look for from BB. Perhaps it started some dialog and brought up issues that we wouldn't have otherwise been talking about. That's important stuff, but it's so not what I watch BB for. However, I will say:


Congratulations Andy and GinaMarie!

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