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posted Friday, 28 June 2013

I don't have a whole lot for you today. We're pretty much in the same place we were last night. The plan still seems to be that McCrae will veto one of the girls, and put up Elissa. But beyond that, who knows. There are various alliances floating around, but it's not at all clear which ones are for real and which aren't. We finally got to see the BY on the feeds, and they spent most of the day lounging around outside, where there were real conversations interspersed with gametalk. And the photo booth in the lounge room came to life.

mccrae booth

A few random occurrences for the day: McCrae has talked about vetoing both Candice and Jessie, and that caught up with him a bit today when people started comparing notes and realized that he's clearly lying to one of them. Aaryn and Elissa maybe made amends, and later on Amanda, who is allegedly teamed up with Elissa, threw a fake fight hissy fit at her to "throw off suspicion. I think it had the opposite effect. Aaryn went off on David again for daring to breathe without her permission or something.

david aaryn

jessie elissa

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