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twisted sister

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posted Thursday, 27 June 2013

To pretty much no one's surprise, all the HGs either know or strongly suspect that Elissa is Rachel's sister. She's trying to deflect a little bit by suggesting that there are others in the house related to BB formers. She's also made the (I think quite legitimate) point that just because she's Rachel's sister, there's no reason to particularly target her. Most of the other girls have decided that they hate her, and the big topic of conversation last night was how they were all sure Elissa was going to get MVP and how unfair it was. Aaryn in particular was in full freak-out mode last night, convinced that Elissa was going to get MVP and nom Aaryn. They had recently learned that if the MVP's nom is vetoed, the MVP picks the replacement (not sure how that POV meeting would work since the MVP is secret--maybe DR gets their repl nom in advance?). Anyway, since the "whole house" has a plan for one of McCrae's noms to come down and Elissa to be the replnom, the idea of being on the block as MVP nom had Aaryn all in a tizzy because she'd "have to stay up" so McCrae could back-door Elissa.


Problem is McCrae's apparently not in on this plan. I mean, he knows about it and is telling everyone that's his plan, but from conversations he's had with Elissa, it seems like he actually has a legit alliance with her. He did tell her at one point that if one of his noms is vetoed he would have to put her up, but he also seems to think she'd be safe because the Boys' Club wants to keep her around (maybe as a target).

mccrae spencer

Anyway, this morning Elissa got called to DR, and afterwards went up to HOH and told McCrae that she had in fact gotten MVP. She did initially seem to be thinking about nom'ing Aaryn or another one of the girls, but McCrae talked her into "a big guy." I think they discussed both Jeremy and David because they're both in showmances (David with Aaryn, and Jeremy with Kaitlin, plus a stalker on the side in Jessie). In the end it was David that got the honor.

david kaitlin

Everyone is pretty sure Elissa's MVP, and it seems McCrae actually told someone (Amanda?) that Elissa had told him. Elissa wasn't too thrilled about people knowing for sure. She actually wanted to go with a plan of denying it and trying to make people suspicious of each other. She ended up telling McCrae she was going to deny it and if anyone told her they'd heard it from him she'd say he was lying/joking/whatever.

amanda andy

Meanwhile you'd think Aaryn would be all sympathy for David, having been so worried about herself. But, no. She basically tells him he's overreacting, and that he's totally safe no matter what. A couple of people even suggest to him that he throw the POV so either Candice or Jessie can win and Elissa can be the repl-nom.

jessie candice

Next up there was some sort of a confrontation between Elissa and Jeremy. I actually missed it, and can't be bothered to Flashback at this point, but it centered around a comment that Elissa made on day 1 or 2. Apparently she said something about her sister's fans and Jeremy asked who her sister was. She responded "Gisele Bundchen" which I would think everyone with connected brain cells would know was a joke. Somehow it turned into Elissa's a liar and a gigantic bitch. And then today it somehow got turned into Jeremy's a liar. I'm not really clear on what the deal was, but I suspect we'll get the full(y edited) story on Sunday's show.


For our next bit of drama David went to talk to Elissa and asked why she would put him up. She denied being MVP and told him he should win the POV, suggesting that he can't trust someone who he thinks is his friend. They chatted for a few minutes, and Elissa got all choked up and teary (I'm not sure if it was legit or not, but I think not) over why everyone hates her. Then out of nowhere Aaryn appears and takes David off for a marathon scolding session. She reads him the riot act for daring to talk to Elissa. He keeps saying he just wanted to hear her side, and Aaryn keeps responding that her side doesn't matter, and why would David even talk to her? Eventually it becomes clear that her issue is in part that she wants him to just accept the block and stay there, because if he gets vetoed she's thinking she'll be the repl-nom. Also, quite possibly, she's a controlling psycho-bitch.


Also, at some point this morning, Helen, who had been one of the few HGs not super-hating on Elissa was convinced by some of the other girls that she should be on TeamHateElissa. But after deciding to join up she was then convinced by McCrae that they should keep Elissa around for awhile yet.

helen gm

So, basically, it's all about Elissa. Many of them are convinced that she's a twist. I've heard theories that America voting for MVP is a lie, and it will just be Elissa every week, but that she's not really a regular player, and just has to make it to a certain point in the game to win her own prize (a la the StaboTool). With so many of them, it's sort of amazing that it's all about one person. But then again, that does give the show a storyline to focus on. A number of people are still on the also-ran list, but I suppose it's a little to early to assume they'll stay that way.

judd howard nick

They've gone off to trivialand to play the veto comp, so I'm going to stop here for now. More later when we have a POV winner.


Update: Feeds came back just in time for BBAD to the bathroom covered in plastic and lots of sticky hamsters. The comp was the Technotronics-Spelling type, with an aspect of digging through a sticky "honey" substance to find the letter tiles. Apparently Elissa went with the word pot roast, which was a loser b/c it's two words. I didn't hear what any of the other words were, but McCrae had the winner. Most of them are celebrating, feeling this ensures Elissa's eviction. Aaryn apologizes to David for "going apeshit" earlier, and assures him he's safe. I do believe McCrae's plan is to veto one of the girls and nom Elissa, but I'm not at all sure who he really wants out. Or how the votes will really go. No matter what, it's a long way to Wednesday.


Further update: Even though "everyone" supposedly wants Elissa out, within about 20 minutes of the feeds being back on we had several background discussions about keeping her, and kicking David. So it does seem that McCrae's plan is to veto someone (I think Candice) and repl-nom Elissa. But it sounds like part of saving Candice will be getting her to promise to vote out whomever he wants, i.e. David. On top of that he has Nick and Helen, and possibly Howard, Spencer and Andy, lined up to vote out David.

elissa nick

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