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bb time

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posted Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I spent a significant amount of time tonight trying to get the feeds to load for me, only to figure out that they would only work if my computer was in the Pacific timezone. Now, I do tend to live on BB time during the BB season, but unfortunately the rest of the world around me continues to insist on existing on Eastern time.

hoh lr

I was already having trouble getting excited about BB this year--with the early start, I'm just not ready. The technical difficulties just made it worse. So, for today I'm just going with a quick rundown I've the little I gathered from them, and a few screen caps.

aaryn amanda

McRae's HOH, of course, and it seems like there's an alliance of most (all?) of the guys. Whether or not there's a girl's alliance or not isn't at all clear. It seems like there are a number of showmance pairings, and even a showmance triangle. I'm not actually going to try to keep track of everything just yet. We'll give it a day or two to settle out.

bb nick

Noms appear to be Jessie and Candice. Jessie seems to be taking it the hardest. Everyone keeps reminding her that there's a twist to come, but she's still basically bitter. I haven't heard anyone mention the POV, but that's still out there too. They've also played for Have-Nots, and have a new "airplane" HN room.

poor jessie

group nottie room

And....foot fetish cam operator is alive and well....


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