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posted Friday, 05 July 2013

Most of today was taken up by completely pointless pre-nom discussions in HOH. Aaryn, and co-HOH Jeremy, called everyone up one at a time to ask them who they thought should go up against Elissa. Apparently part of the deal when Jeremy gave HOH to Aaryn was that they would decide noms together....brilliant move on Jeremy's part. He basically gets to be HOH with none of the limitations. He can play next week, plus he's not subject to any of the rules like not being allowed to tell anyone whom you are nominating. So as each person filed in Jeremy announced that "we're obviously nominating Elissa."

Pretty much everyone was on board with Aaryn/Jeremy were already planning: to put Helen in the other seat. Including Helen. She came in and said they should pick someone who was likely to beat Elissa in POV, and agreed she herself was a good option for that. She also claimed that she's not really on TeamElissa, but who knows if that's for real or not. Another common recommended target was Candice. Kaitlin really wanted Candice to go up rather than Helen because Kait is convinced that she's going to be Elissa's MVP nom (they're all assuming Elissa will get MVP "every week"). Kaitlin's reasoning is that if Elissa gets POV, Kaitlin has a better chance of staying if she's against Candice than against Helen. That's probably true, but what she seemed to be completely overlooking is that if Elissa wins POV, someone will have to go up in her place.

In other news, the 7th grade relationship drama continues. Jessie, having struck out with Nick, Jeremy, and David, has moved on to having a crush on McCrae, and Amanda flipped out over that. At the same time, Jessie threw a fit saying that Elissa was spreading a rumour that Jessie was having a showmance with Judd. In more teenage logic, 2 seconds after acting like the suggestion that she liked Judd was just crazy, Jessie was crying to Judd that nobody liked her--in a transparent (and successful) attempt to get him to tell her how much he did like her. That was all last night and today, Jeremy and Kaitlin had a little spat because she wasn't 100% on board with his nomination plans, and she felt like he wasn't concerned about the fact that she might get nom'ed/kicked this week. Aaryn gave her a little pep talk about how she needed to stroke Jeremy's ego and make him see that she trusted him to keep her safe. Kaitlin's really not that kind of girl, but she gave it a shot. And before long she and Jeremy were back to swapping spit. And in the final chapter of our relationship dramas, GM had a breakdown because she doesn't feel like Nick likes her any better than any other random chick in the house. (Uh, good call.) Nick calmed her down and assured her that he did like her, but in the next breath told her that they had to be careful about being seen as a couple because it would make them a target. (Translation: I want to say 'stay away from me you crazy bitch', but I still need to use you in the game.)

A DR leak on the feeds revealed that Elissa has in fact gotten MVP again. I'm not sure who she will or should nominate. Based on pure vileness, I would love to see GinaMarie, Spencer or Jeremy go (or Aaryn, but that's obviously not an option). The incredibly offensive comments have continued from all 4 of them. The Moving Company would likely save Jeremy or Spencer (not to mention Elissa actually has nothing against Spencer) so I'm kind of hoping she'll go after GM.

So in some ways we have a re-run of last week. Everyone is claiming they're going to vote out Elissa, but who knows who's sincere and who's not. Elissa is MVP again, as they all predicted. There's a part of me that agrees with the HGs who say it's not fair that her profile starting the game gives her an advantage in the MVP race and therefore an advantage in the game. On the other hand, I don't think it's right that they're targeting her because of who her sister is.

Update on the MVP plans: Elissa told Helen she got it and wants to keep it just between the two of them. So far Helen hasn't spilled the beans to anyone, though she came very close with Andy. Elissa said she wants to nom Jeremy, and Helen tried to talk her out of the outright nom. But then Andy told Helen that was a good idea, so now she's on board. If Jeremy wins POV, it sounds like Elissa wants to make Nick the repl-nom, but others are pushing for Kaitlin. The interesting thing is that if Jeremy and Elissa both are on the block at eviction time, Elissa will probably go because both the MC and the Aaryn Alliance will keep him. Same is probably true of Nick.

Further update: Elissa asked a few people, including McCrae who they would put if they got MVP. McCrae suggested GM, but eventually backed down when he realized that if Jeremy goes up off the bat he may well get veto and then they can push for GM or someone not in the MC as the repl-nom (I'm technically guessing this, he obviously didn't say that to Elissa/Helen, but it was pretty clear based on the context of the convo when he stopped pushing to not nom Jeremy.)

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