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posted Saturday, 06 July 2013

The HGs had an early wake-up call this morning, and things moved along with the POV process fairly quickly. First up was the player picking and the MVP nom reveal. After the fish cleared, we find Jeremy nom'ed as expected, and Amanda and Nick as the picked players. Jeremy was super-pumped and super-confident that he'd be winning. Elissa threw out a plea to Nick to throw the veto, in exchange for a continued understanding that she'd not target him. Amanda had already told her she'd throw the POV if picked.

Then it's off behind the trivia for a while and when they come back, Jeremy's got the lovely veto necklace. Apparently the comp had something to do with stacking bears. There's some debate as to whether or not Nick threw it. Some of the observers commented that he was close to finishing and appeared to be trying when Jeremy won. On the other hand there were comments that he didn't seem to be trying at the beginning.

So the chatter now is all about the repl-nom, and whether or not to kick-Elissa. The leading contenders for repl-nom are Nick, Kaitlin and GM. A lot of them are suspicious of Nick, and there's a bit of a GirlPower thing going on with Elissa, Candice and Helen. Of course the problem is that if Elissa noms Nick, she's basically sending herself out the door. The MC will totally keep him over her, as will GM and Kaitlin, so the rest of them don't matter. The argument for Kaitlin is that she's the closest to Big Threat Jeremy, but a lot of people are saying that they'd be afraid to face the wrath of Jeremy if they booted her. Which leaves GM, but Elissa doesn't feel like she's a particular threat.

After last week where they all seemed so focused on taking advantage of Elissa's MVP status, this week, they all seem to have forgotten it. Well, mostly all. Helen gave Andy quite an impassioned and logical speech on how stupid it is to boot the person who is clearly America's favorite. A lot of them have been saying how once Elissa's gone, everyone will have an equal chance at MVP. But Helen points out that if Elissa's truly that popular, anyone who betrays her will be hated by the fans and they could well throw the MVP votes to Jeremy and Aaryn. Personally, I don't see that happening, but that's because we know a lot more than she does about how Jeremy and Aaryn are behaving. Helen also says that it's crazy to give up having guaranteed control (she says Elissa will do whatever Helen tells her to do) of the third nom for just a chance at it. And then finally Helen points out that is a bad idea to give up a number in their alliance at any point if you don't absolutely have to.

I find it amusing that Aaryn's HOH and Elissa's MVP, yet it would seem that Jeremy and Helen are taking credit for the respective nominations this week.

In other news GM had quite a breakdown today over Nick. She's still freaking out because he not that into her. Aaryn spent quite a while "explaining" that the problem is clearly that Nick is gay. When GM counters that she's seen Nick making eyes at Kaitlin, Aaryn responds that it's because he's jealous of Kaitlin's relationship with Jeremy.

I'm not going to start analyzing votes or motives this early, but I will say this: Jeremy made the rounds this evening threatening, literally threatening, every member of the MC that they'd better vote the way he wanted this week or they'd face his vengeance next week. They all immediately assured him that they were MC all the way. Nick has taken to referring to GM and Kaitlin as "our bitches," making pretty clear where the side alliances fit into things. McCrae seems a bit more sincere about his alignment with Amanda, but that's just putting a target on her from the other MC members.

While Jeremy was on his roll through the house Candice was up working on Aaryn and Kaitlin trying to get them to start seeing some of Jeremy's shadiness. The girls actually do start to get a little suspicious, but after getting all the intel from the MC Jeremy came back to Aaryn/Kait with all the info and they were so impressed with his reach that they immediately jump back on the Jeremy bandwagon.

Jeremy's arrogance has become pretty much unbearable. He was super cocky before the POV, but after winning, he's gone over the edge. Almost 8 hours after the comp, he's still sporting the necklace. And he's telling anyone and everyone that he has "ears all over the house," knows everything that's going on and controls the game. I'm sort of hoping that the same overconfidence will get him to not use the veto on himself, and the rest of them get as sick of him as most of us out here are, and boot him out. I don't think it will happen, but it's a nice idea.

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