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posted Wednesday, 03 July 2013

...or is there?

CBS didn't want to air (or didn't feel comfortable airing) the really nasty comments and actions that have come from some of the HGs over the last few days, so all they gave the TVOVs to was the fight over the bottle of wine that went astray the other night. It was enough to give them fodder for the show, but anyone who wants the real story needs to check out the livefeeds.


But whatever. It is what it is. We then got a tiny bit of misdirection, but not much. The house decided about a week ago to keep Elissa, but the show made it seem like it was sort of a last minute thing. Watching the show you'd hardly know Jessie was nominated, but that's okay, most of the HGs forgot as well.


The voting went pretty much as planned with the Moving Company not only managing to keep Elissa/kick David, but throwing votes around in such a way that no one knows whom to trust. After David was kicked, Julie said you could hear a pin drop in the house. I guess it really was that quiet...I had actually thought they had cut the audio due to swearing. Upon reflection I wondered if they hadn't been extensively lectured on not swearing during the liveshow and thus the silence. Other than Elissa's "I love you America!" there was pretty much no sound. I guess with most of this group if they can't cuss, they have nothing to say.

nick jer

Then it was out to slip-and-slide for HOH, and a slight twist on an old concept. The comp was played in "randomly chosen" teams of two. Audio drops made it really unclear how we were going to get one HOH out of this, or if it was going to be a co-hoh. CBS tweeted soon after the show, clarifying that the winning team would decide between them.


It took a little bit for the feeds to come back on and when they did it was a close race between Team ElissAndy and Team JerAaryn. Judd and Nick had spent time on the smaller barrel to get the larger scoopers, and were catching up quickly. In the end it came down about one scoop and maybe who had more nimble fingers to retrieve the floating ping-pong ball and Jeremy/Aaryn won the comp. We got trivia for another little bit and came back to find Aaryn with the HOH key. She also got to pick the Have Notties and Elissa/Helen/Candice/Andy got slopped.

hoh hoh

The rest of the night was ParanoiaVille Deluxe. There's so much lying and so many conflicting alliances going around that even people out here started to lose track of who voted to evict whom. Candice actually voted to evict Elissa, but Aaryn is having trouble believing her. They talked for a bit and Aaryn started to buy it, but Candice is "sure" Spencer also voted out Elissa (not right) and they were having trouble figuring out how David ended up with 7 votes against him in that case. Later on Nick told Spencer that he needs to be less convincing because Aaryn was starting to doubt Jeremy and Nick (for those keeping score, Jeremy did vote to evict Elissa, Nick did not, but the MC wants Nick to get credit for Candice's vote.)

candice hoh

Everyone's trying to do various types of damage control. GinaMarie made some sort of weird apology sort of thing to Elissa. She said something about how she wasn't used to being around people talking behind her back and again brought up how hard it was to not have her curling iron and clothes and stuff. Elissa said she wasn't sure why GM had suddenly started to be so mean to her. GM didn't really answer her, just said if Elissa gets MVP (actually she said "when") and nom's GM, she gets why. Meanwhile, Kaitlin is having a breakdown about Elissa "calling [her] a whore on national TV." Whatever that was about I certainly didn't hear it on TV. Apparently it is true though, because Helen later said she told Elissa she "shouldn't have said that about the whore house."

gm kaitlin

A little while later, Helen and Candice had a long talk and finally started to put things together and figure out that there is clearly a guy's alliance. They're not really on to the fact that McCrae is part of it. He's staying a bit above the fray for now since he didn't vote. The anti-Elissa side thinks he's good because he nom'ed her, though there is some suspicion that he was in on the plan to keep her. The pro-Elissa side of course knows he was in on the plan, but they're not bringing his name up at all.

mc helen

Oh, and Jessie's still there.


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