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accidental delivery

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posted Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Watching the CBS show tonight I kept thinking that it was particularly far off from the feeds. There's always something of a disconnect between what we see and what they show, but this was just ridiculous. The Aaryn vs. David fight left out all the best and most bizarre parts, and the instigating factor of David talking to Elissa about whether she was the MVP. That may make tomorrow's show, since it's yet another opportunity to garner sympathy for Elissa. They did bring out the better side for Jeremy of the Elissa/Gisele Bundchen/Jeremy conflict, but then they softened it by showing her saying she was totally joking and making it seem like Jeremy just accepted that and moved on.

Then there was all the crazy repl-nom drama. McCrae told Elissa from the very beginning that he would have to nom her if the veto was used, but he also told her immediately that he'd do everything he could to keep her safe. And when Nick came to talk to McCrae about not using the veto it took a grand total of maybe 90 seconds for them to get on the same page of nom'ing Elissa as a mislead. So Nick in the DR "pleading" for McCrae not to use the veto was just silly. Also by the time Elissa went on the block, just about the entire house was in on the plan to keep her.

And with all the focus on the showmance between Aaryn and David, they're totally overlooking the other showmances/fauxmances of Jeremy/Kaitlin, McCrae/Amanda and Nick/GinaMarie. Not to mention the Jessie third wheel in practically every one of them. To be fair, the Jessie thing may be because the editors can't keep up with her gnat-like attention span.

McCrae's accidental POV win was kind of funny. I really don't think he was trying to win. He was in a good position if anyone else won, especially since David had agreed to throw it (also conveniently not mentioned on the show). But the fact is, it's really not a bad thing that he did win. He gets to prove his "loyalty" to just about everyone. And since he's unlikely to have to cast a vote, he won't be directly responsible for how the eviction goes.

Back in the house, the crazy 7th grade drama continues. Aaryn is still talking about her hat that allegedly got sat on two days ago. And now that the Have Notties have been given a reprieve, there's all sorts of contention about sleeping arrangements. And yesterday GinaMarie had a meltdown because BB took her makeup and panties (I'm not making this up---they took other clothes too, but she kept particularly talking about the underwear).

Fortunately we have an eviction tomorrow and we can sort of reset the drama. At least I"m hoping we can. Things have gotten awfully ugly in the last few days, and that's really no fun for us. And there's just too many of them in there right now to keep track of.

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