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Big Brother 15 - Summer 2013


The big twist of BB15 is the MVP and 3rd nominee. Each week the HOH will nom 2 people, as usual. The new twist is that we get to vote for a weekly MVP. Presumably this person could be the HOH or one of the HOH nominees. The MVP then gets to make their own nom. It's not clear yet if the 3rd nom will get to play for POV and/or be veto'able, and if so, who gets to make the replacement nom should the MVP nom be vetoed. Since the MVP is kept secret, we can at least assume they aren't guaranteed to play in POV.

The first vote has been going on since before the premiere aired, so the first winner will be a particular wildcard. Voting did stay open after the show aired, and a few hours of feeds, so at least some people will have voted after knowing who won HOH, and after getting more first impressions than just what CBS put on their site.

This definitely could get interesting as the season goes on, but I'm not overly excited about it just yet.

More to come....

When it was all over, I never did get excited about the voting this year. At the finale, Julie announced that viewer vote participation had increased by 500% this year. That would be impressive except when you realize what the reasons were. Part of it was surely the controversy that made it into mainstream media. People who weren't really all that into BB wanted to express their opposition to those nasty racists. (Kind of like the people who never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars, but continued to vote for Bristol Palin.) But the bigger factor was the Brenchel Army. Every single viewer vote this year ended up being all about Elissa. She won the first 3 MVPs, and then once America got the power, the noms were all about her, even the one that was her. And of course Elissa won the $25K Favorite Player.