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battle of the drama queens

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posted Wednesday, 16 August 2006
So, it sounds like Marcellas is going home (or rather to some tropical island) tomorrow.  I could be wrong, but that's how it seems at the moment.  There was all sorts of weaseling and weeping going on last night, though surprisingly little of it from M.  He's either taking his eviction very well, possibly even happy to get out of there w/ full sequester pay, or he really thinks he's staying.  Erika is also very sure she's staying, convinced she has CT, and apparently believing the "deal" Janie shook on with her after a high Drama session from E.  Complete with tears and tissues.  Meanwhile downstairs we've got Dani wandering around either pretending to be drunk and bitchy, or actually totally sh1tfaced.  I don't know.  Either she was drunk, or, yes, the Emmy goes to....  Though I'm not quite sure I followed the point of the drunken rantings.  At one poing we were promised a Boogie/Marci staged (by B--M wasn't in on the plan) blowup to give B. an explanation for why he was "betraying" Janie and voting out M.  But we never get that, instead they end up confessing to J/H that B and E dated outside the house.  (Why?)  Instead we get Dani "fighting" with Erika to explain why she was allegedly going to vote her out, and give M. a false sense of security. (Why?)  I guess these were both part  of the "screw with Marcellas" plan.  But that plan only made sense when they were talking about messing with him, convincing he he was out, then booting Erika.  The idea was M. would be so thrown off by the whole thing he'd be useless in the HOH comp. or something?

What are these people smoking?  All in all seems like a lot of unnecessary drama to me.   And I'm usually not one to find any drama unnecessary.

Oh, here's a question.  If the E/B relationship really is on the up and up, does she have any idea the trash he is talking about her in the DR?  Or, what's he thinking he's going to tell her later?  "Don't worry dear, it was just for the show I didn't mean it."?!?  Any woman I know would still be pissed.

The best news of the day is that Janie and Howie seem to have finally caught on the the fact that they can't trust anyone other than each other.  And held on to that thought for more than 30 seconds.  J. knows she's been betrayed by both James and Will at this point.

I don't know, I'm kind of over it at the moment.  Yet another week when I really don't care who walks out.  I'm thinking it would be more interesting to have Erika leave.  OTOH, as much as she bugs me, she's more interesting in the house than M.  And if she stays, and CG goes next, then we get to watch which alliance CT drops first.  Because at that point we're left with the 4 LOD, the 4/5 of CT+S6, and the 3 of B/W/E.  And as Danielle keeps saying, it's a numbers game.  So, they probably drop Erika 1st.  And then....I don't know.  Maybe James.  Eventually his playing both ends against the middle is going to catch up with him.  It's actually starting already.  Then Howie goes b/c Will finally gets tired of being sexually harrassed by a 35 yr old Star Wars freak.  So, then we're left with my previously predicted final 4 of Boogie, Will, Janelle and for me (sorry I'm just kind of "thinking out loud" here).

It's finally been confirmed that the finale will be Sept. 12, about 2 weeks earlier than the originally scheduled date.  This means double evictions for every remaining week, if my math is correct.  I'm wondering if they're going to use the coup d'etat to pull that off.  Speaking of the finale date, here's my latest "conspiracy" tidbit.  They never changed the was always going to be the 12th.  My evidence?  At one point on the feeds (I believe it was during the bathtub "puppet show") Will said he has a wedding to go to the weekend of 9/16-17 and that BB knows it.  And if there had been a chance he'd still be in the house or in sequester someone would have balked.  Maybe that's why they changed the date, since they seem to have done everything else he wanted.  Even so, they "changed it" before the season began.  Either way, I'm fine with it b/c real TV will be back by then, so I'll have better things to watch.

Here's hoping something cool happens tomorrow.

P.S.  Is anyone else annoyed that we're not getting LOST reruns?

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