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posted Thursday, 17 August 2006
I'm still betting on Marcellas to walk the plank tonight, but of course the usual back and forth is still underway.  It would be pretty interesting if things did come down to a tie.  I'm not seeing that happening, but at least it would be different.  Tonight seems like it will be a pretty busy show.  We've got the recap, JC chats, live vote, the coup reveal, "prom night"/America's Choice reveal, and the HOH comp.  And I wonder if they're going to tell the HGs the "new" finale date.

Checking in on the updates this morning, I see that M. basically told Dani that he won't be upset if she votes him out.  More proof he's gone.  Then we get Erika complaining that Janie made a deal and then went back on it.  Okay, first place she hasn't had the chance to go back on it yet, and second place, who believed for one second that E. would hold up her end of that deal (i.e. voting Danielle out next and/or throwing HOH)?  No way.  Unless she's referring to Janie's promise to M. that he was "just a pawn and totally safe."  But if that's the case, that's a really sleazy thing to say, since you're the one who is benefitting from the breaking of that promise.  And you were one of the people who talked her into it.  Of course, in reality, it is, as all things are, totally the fault of the the Evil Dr.

I'd kind of like to see Howie win HOH, but I suspect it's gonna go to Erika to make up for having it taken away last week.  I'm not sure what H. would do as HOH, but after what the guys did to his hair last night, I think it's time for some payback. (pb, baby, pb!)  Speaking of hair, Will's been mentioning that he needs a hair cut for a while now, and he really does.  I don't blame him for not trusting any of them with the scissors, though.  His best bet is still Janelle, but as he's in the middle of really abusing her, now might not be the best time.

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