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It's all...

bb7logo the eye of the beholder...

Was it reality, or just good TV?  Showmance or true romance?  Even Boogie said that he thinks Will fell for Janelle, at least a little.  At the same time, he was certainly playing her, and she was probably playing him too.  They obviously had fun together, and we hope they really could be friends when it was all over.  Those long lingering stares, those cryptic whispers, those sly smiles and winks...all made it look pretty real.  On the other hand, we're talking about 2 of the greatest BB players ever.  Will was probably lying (©Dr. Will), and Janelle wins what she wants (most of the time).  But whatever way you look at it, we loved to watch. And looking back, you can see why we all fell for Winelle.


 Too cute together...


    wine  walk




 Whisper sweet nothings in my ear...





I called it WhisperGate and I'm sure others did too.  Many, including other houseguests, called it frickin' annoying.  Only they know what they were saying.  Probably a combination of truths, lies, and nothings.  Even the producers told them to stop (breach of contract), but it was hopeless.  So, we decided it was cute after all, and the camera operators starting having fun with creative angles.


Bathtubs, showers, hot tubs and sinks.  Oh my.  They had a lot of fun playing with water.  Helped them to forget they were playing with fire?  And add in whipped cream, not to mention instigators like Boogie and Howie, and we really got a show. 



Sorry Will, no one was buying your protests here.  "Oh no, please don't throw me in the briar patch."  He did manage to stay out of the tub this night, and instead opted for a heart-to-heart with Kaysar about loyalty and self-control.  He was enjoying himself until things got a little too real.  But whatever.  It made a pretty picture.

 water fight    will sprays janelle    janelle is soaked

A fantastic moment.  How many other hamsters would have gone for a water fight?  It was just a brief moment, but a good one. It was an example of what good sports they each were.  Will complained more than almost anyone about losing hot water, but he actually took it better than anyone.  He turned it into an opportunity to have fun.


 ho boy

 Before the shower...the infamous shower.  He's thinking about it.  Keeps saying it's wrong, but you know he wants it.  And if there was any doubt, when he finally gives in he runs to grab Boogie and practically drags him upstairs.

And then the shower.  Will keeps opening the door, either to make sure the camera is getting the show, or to make sure everyone knows he still got his clothes on.  Who knows.

Afterwards he actually looks a little worried.  But he still got that little smile.  Good show. 

  oh    uh-oh


Who's the prettiest girl in the Big Brother house? 


 The twirls were adorable and fun.  Everytime he'd twirl her around it would lift her spirits and ours.  It was usually right after she'd smoked them all in yet another competition.  She was the Energizer competitor, but he was her cheering squad, coach, supporting teammate and motivator.

So happy together... 

         wj hamock   


Just like a fortune cookie, we'll end with "in bed."





At least they can't claim that they never slept together.  But really, it was all quite innocent.  Which was part of what made them so sweet and fun to watch.  They were having fun and so were we.