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What a bunch of cry-babies

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posted Monday, 7 August 2006
We see from the BB7 livefeeds that the veto competition had to do with choosing to take prizes or accept "punishments" for the house, which would gain or lose you points.  So if you do something "selfish" presumably you lose points, but to gain points you have to do something that might piss off your housemates.  In any case it seems that someone took deals that has resulted in the replacement of the beds with army cots and no hot water in the showers.  And the amount of whining that is going on in the house is amazing.  Apparently none of these people have ever been camping, or had problems with their hot water or whatever.  Personally, I don't see the big deal.  Sure, it's not my first choice to sleep on a cot (or the floor, or a couch) and have to take a cold shower, but it's also not the end of the world.

Danielle also took a deal that put her in "solitary confinement" for a day.  They actually let her out early, and when you factor in the amount of time she spent sleeping, it really wasn't that long.  But you would have thought they sent her to an actual prison or something.  She refused to use the port-a-potty (again, haven't we ever been camping?  At least she didn't have to pee in a bucket.) and she was literally crying about being alone in there.  At least I guess that's what she was crying about.  Maybe she was just ticked about Janelle winning the veto.  But man.  If you're not comfortable enough with yourself to be alone for a day, you need serious therapy.  And she wasn't even alone.  The other HGs could come and talk to her (and see her) through a slot in the door.

On the positive side, the storyline is getting interesting, I think.  At this point I can't keep track of who has what alliances, which ones are real, etc.  Which means I can't predict exactly what people are going to do.  And it seems like the Willboogie slight trouble really was nothing.  I'm still saying that's the only true alliance in the house and it's quite possible that they really will run the table.  And despite the fact that they can be pretty damn annoying sometimes, not to mention downright rude and mean towards "the Internet people", I'm still rooting for them.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday's show b/c there are so many campaigns of misinformation going on in the house that I am curious to see what really happened in the veto comp.

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