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that could have been better

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posted Friday, 4 August 2006
I have to say I was disappointed with the show last night.  At one point I was thinking they were going to flip and Diane would stay, and then it would be totally game on!  But by the time the 3rd person voted for Erika, I was just like "you guys suck."  And then Will totally confused me with his vote for Diane.  For a second I thought he was making this really smart move that would have everyone looking at each other wondering who the one vote was.  But then when he 'fessed up pretty much right away, I really couldn't figure out what he was up to.  I'm now back to thinking it was a smart move.  He sent Janelle the message that she doesn't own him, but yet he can play it off as 'I didn't betray you, I just felt bad for her' so Jani can't use it as an excuse to turn on him.  And by telling everyone it was him he a.) doesn't have to worry about getting found out and b.) comes off looking like the "hero" for casting the sympathy vote (and not using it to cause trouble for anyone else).  He does rule this game.

But now what's the deal with Will and Boogie?  Is there trouble in paradise?  Boogie's starting to complain about Will throwing contests and "being negative" and spending too much time with Janelle?  Is he just trying to get in good (better) with Erika, or convince people that Willboogie isn't quite the "unit" they assume?  Or is he really ticked off?  I'd kind of hate to see the two of them not be as loyal as they've seemed.  So far it's about the only relationship on the show that you can totally have faith in.

Janelle's utter embarrassment over being asked if she was "falling for Will" was kind of funny.  Her reaction came across as sincere to me.  I read it as "no not really, but I do have a little crush and I'm horrified that it shows, but seriously, no."  And the little profile of Marcellas wasn't very flattering.  Of course, some of his behavior hasn't been terribly flattering either.

And at least George gets a week off slop.

Something else I thought about today has to do with what I was talking about the other day re: people on the show talking about the fans having no life.  I have to say one of the reasons I like the show is that it's so much less important than my real life.  I can find it fun and interesting and enjoy the drama, but at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter.  And by Sept. 22 or whatever it will be forgotten.  Yet, the other day a VP at my company told me that he makes it his practice to try to fire 1 or 2 people every year and he has 2 specific people in his sights right now.  He didn't specifically ask for my "vote" but he said to "think about it" and if I thought "it would be better for" me if one or the other was gone, to let him no and it was a possiblility.  I was horrified.  I'll admit both of these people have their shortcomings and there is one is a particular pain in my ass, but I would never suggest or support firing this person.  Yet it felt so "Big Brother" to me.  Not just the "choose who goes" set up, but the fact that I couldn't help but wonder if it was all a setup to get me to say something.

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