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so, well, what's up...doc?

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posted Thursday, 3 August 2006
So, either something very interesting is going to happen on tonight's live show, or...well, not.  (Brought you by the Department of the Overwhelmingly Obvious, I know.)

There's supposedly some sort of big twist.  It seems the HGs haven't voted yet, but just a live vote doesn't seem like enough to be interesting.  Also, for some reason Danielle went like psycho-bitter-pissed last night at some comment Janelle made about her being a weak player.  Sure it was a bitchy thing to say, but it seems like Dani's overreacting (and p.s. she spent a lot of time in the DR) so it makes me wonder if they're setting up something around that.  Also, they've had the BY closed off for a looooong time to set up for the HOH contest, so one assumes it must be pretty complicated.  Leading theory is an endurance competition.

I also finally heard the whole (or at least more whole) story behind the Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing.  And it's way more complicated than I thought.  Allegedly, Diane's ex-roommate was helping her and Jase to get into a house where they would be able to be "interesting."  I.e. with other HGs that they would play off well for TV (like the Diane and Jani "feud").  Plus they'd give the impression that they hate each other when in fact they're working together.  So, then Diane and the roommate had a "falling out."  Of course nothing would stop Di and Jase from going ahead with the plan.  But it seems ex-roomie went and recruited James and Erika to be the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  Which explains a lot.  Like Erika confirming the story (how would she know?).  And James nominating Jase when he supposedly didn't want to.  I don't know.  It's a little too much even for me.  How does this other woman have quite so much influence?  On the other hand, the basics could be true, with just a little exaggeration having made it into the legend.  And if something about it is going to come out tonight (b/c supposedly James or e. is supposed to make a comment when Diane gets evicted) it would be a twist.

Whatever happens, I just hope it's interesting.

Hmm.  I just saw on the updates that Will and Boogie are talking about "flip-flops" which is supposedly their code word for deciding to flip the voting and keep Diane.  Interesting, eh?  The "phone number" B. wrote down for Diane last night might also play into this.  Esp. given that later on Will said something to Kaysar about contracts written in eyeliner (which is what they used; I guess paper and writing implements are no-nos in the BB house, makes sense).  Plus if Erika really did screw over CT the way she seemed to....but then we're back to my question the other day about whether that happened or not.  Paranoia is contagious.

You know, I really don't care who goes of the two up tonight.  Neither one is making the show any more interesting for me.  I really liked Diane during her season, but this year she's been a little whiney.  But think about it.  If she stays she's going to be after Janelle.  And now apparently Danielle is all pissed at J. as well.  A lot more interesting than Erika, who no one has a big issue with.  And, as she said, we all know what happens to the "pawn."  [As an aside, I hate that they call it a pawn--what they mean is a decoy or something.  Pawns are meant to be sacrificed.  Unless the irony is intentional.]

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