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posted Wednesday, 2 August 2006
I'll comment on last night's show first. It's still impressing me how one gets a totally different BB experience by following the live feeds. And I keep thinking that all this additional information is going to make the shows become boring and redundant for me, but so far I've been enjoying them even more than I used to. Like last night, they actually made the wake-up call thing seem funny. It wasn't quite as obvious that the HGs knew in advance. Will's exaggerated "jump out of bed and act all startled to get TV time" worked, even though I thought anyone would be able to tell it was staged. And the line of the night went to Marcellas for "did two grown people actually take time out of their lives to do this?" An excellent point, and a nice segue into what I'm going to talk about in a minute.

The POV contest was pretty good. (I totally can't read backwards, so I was impressed.) I was glad they didn't try to hide the foot injury stuff. 10 stitches? Ouch. That is a bad cut. And the DR sessions continue to be amusing. Of course last night the HGs got to demonstrate their acting skills talking about how much the loved the movie. (Speaking of which, line of the day from the feeds last night goes to Dr. Will for "That's the kind of movie that if you saw it on a date the girl would break up with you.")

So, my other topic for the day is the HGs going on about the losers who watch the feeds. (Just to be clear, I don't necessarily disagree with some of the sentiment, and I also don't personally take offense. I don't actually watch the feeds, just follow the update sites and catch the highlights on youtube. And while I will agree that don't have much of a life, I do have a job. Granted, if it weren't a job where I'm sitting in front of a computer all day anyway, and it's easy to flip over to jokersupdate for a couple of minutes every hour or so, I can't imagine finding the time to even keep up as much as I am. And I am a little alarmed (though appreciative) that there are people out there who will watch for hours and tell us each time a person rolls over in bed or whatnot.) Anyway. To get back to my point: It occurs to me that it's a little hypocritical to have these people talking about what losers the fans of the show are. First place there's the standard reply of "where would you be without the fans?" And second place, dude--you're on a reality show! What does that say about your life? I know this season a lot of them have been going on about how much they have outside the house and they don't need to be there and all that. But come on. Don't kid a kidder....if you really didn't want to be there and didn't want the attention, you wouldn't have come on the show. And while I'm sort of in the neighborhood of this subject, I am tired of some of them going on about having no money and really needing the prize. Apparently they're paid $2500 per week (and I think there was some sort of "signing bonus" for just showing up), so even if you leave after a month, you walk out with over $10K. For doing nothing.

Back to the original subject, just as some HGs have pointed out that it's not fair of viewers/fans to be to hard on them for being obnoxious sometimes (and I totally agree; who can go for 90 days without being an asshole at least once?), it's equally unfair to paint everyone on the Internet with the same brush just b/c there are some admittedly obsessed and pathetic people out there. Not to mention the truly scary psychos.

So, what's my point? I guess it's that if they can complain about us talking trash about them, we can complain about them doing it to us. And in a certain sense I have a lot more respect for someone like Janelle who shows up, plays the game, seems to have fun and not take herself too seriously, and occassionally turns to the camera and says something like "hi dingo's hamsterwatch!" than someone like willboogie, who sit around talking about how much better they are then the rest of the world and so forth, and at the same time they're constantly promoting their own business interests.  Here's a ladder.  Get over yourself.

But in the end, what can I really say? I'm still watchin'.

p.s. is an awesome site, and you should so give them money. :)

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